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      loud music...history of anxiety/depression...earplugs idk
      So this is more of just a small success and maybe some helpful thought processes for newbies (although I'm just shy of 2 months so I guess I'm a newbie still).

      Speaking for myself the thing that gives me the most anxiety is thoughts of the future. I always find myself saying that if I could have a guarantee that my symptoms would stay as they are for the rest of my life I would be the happiest man alive, I could live like this. It's the thought of things getting progressively worse that really gets me.

      You hear about people committing suicide over T and H and it is really distressing. Today these kind of thoughts caused me to do a quick search on the inter web to put things in perspective. And what I found really calmed me down. People commit suicide for all sorts of things that I can honestly say I wouldn't like...cancer, diabetes, migraines, epilepsy, hyperthyroidism just to name a few. Now compared to most these diseases T isn't that big of a deal imo. Realizing this puts things into perspective for me.

      Also this site is a blessing and curse in that it's nice to know other people are going through the same thing but let's be honest, tinnitus sites can be depressing. If you want to see real world tinnitus you must look outside the forums. Ask people you know, a lot prolly have T. I'm a musician so I like searching musician forums regarding T and let me tell you: T is as common as they say and for the most part is just an annoyance much like a bum knee or a lazy eye (not the best examples im sure but I'm speed typing here).

      Tons of unfortunate souls would gladly change spots with you to escape the dreadful aspects of their life be sure of that. Don't take this for granite and get on with your life. That doesn't mean give up hope but don't spend your days checking for a new cure and for sure don't read horror story after horror story. Sure, have a plan for the future if things actually do get worse (which they usually don't) like: I'll try try, or ill try neuromonics, or counseling, or antidepressants, massage and countless others.

      I like to picture myself in front of God or universe or whatever you believe in and him\it saying ok you have two choices: You can end your life right here and now and accept whatever comes next OR you can go back to your life and try and live it to the fullest and be happy as you can and love and be loved and pursue passion and when its all said and done you can accept what comes next. I think the choice is obvious.

      Imagine being captured by Isis and those bastards are about to cut your head off so that everybody you love can see (they do that horrific shit) but at the last second they tell you that they will set you free but you will have to live with T the rest if your life. Don't know about you but I would take the T life. I don't think the same goes for terminal cancer or quadriplegic.

      So be thankful for what you have and if you let T get the best of you go get that shit back and cherish it because we have no death sentence. We are alive and well if our minds allow us to be. That's it sry to this rambling...

      Also I forgot say imagine actually going through with this kind of reasoning and living a fulfilling awesome life and then 10-20 years down the line there comes an effective treatment/cure. I mean that would be such a beautiful/ romantic life right there. It's gonna take courage and motivation but its possible. We only get one shot in life b4 its on to the next so might as well give it all we got. Things could be much much worse believe me I know.
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