Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL) After Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by george98034, Apr 12, 2021.

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      Moderna COVID vaccine
      I’ve been running the US’s largest and most successful volunteer website to help WA residents directly book COVID-19 vaccines ( so it was incredibly ironic that the morning after my 2nd dose of Moderna I began to lose my hearing in one ear. Within 3 days I couldn’t hear anything. After a week on Prednisone & Valtrex I regained functional hearing but was left with 30-50 dB loss above 6 kHz and ringing at 11 kHz at 40% volume. I feel lucky that my ENT co-authored the Clinical Practice Guidelines for SSHL but as I sit in session #7 of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy without any improvement I’m starting to run out of options.

      I’d like to strategize how to work together with Tinnitus Talk. My main goal is to get people to report issues directly to VAERS. This could still be within population norms but we don’t know if it’s not reported. Second goal is to get sound medical advice such as the CPG to people and ensure SSHL is treated immediately and effectively. My last goal is to connect everyone to Tinnitus Talk for long term support. I look forward to hearing from others and learning more.
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      SSHL from virus
      Very sorry to hear you experienced SSHL. I have hearing loss from a virus several years ago, and it is frustrating that there is not a common treatment practice. I received oral steroids followed by intratympanic injections. My hearing did not improve, but my loss was beyond a 70 dB drop and my ear specialist said that is hard to recover. However, I have read of good success for those who experience SSHL and so I’ll be hoping for the same good outcome for you.

      What were your ENT’s thoughts on whether the vaccine was linked to your SSHL? When we were trying to identify the cause of my loss, the ENTs that I saw felt events weeks prior or even earlier typically lead to the destruction of auditory hair cells and that there’s a delay between their destruction and the loss of hearing. Guessing it probably depends on the cause since obviously acoustic traumas are different, so I would be interested in your ENT’s thoughts on if there’s a possible link and what it could even be.
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      Infection, Acoustic Trauma
      @Markku and @Hazel would be the people to talk to, to discuss such matters regarding outreach.
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      Acoustic trauma (gun)
      Hi George,

      I'm sorry that you are experiencing this. Hopefully the Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment will be helpful and you would see results long term.

      Stay strong, if you need to speak to someone about living with tinnitus, I'm here.
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      I'm very sorry to hear you're experiencing this.
      This, 100%. If I got a vaccine and then developed a new audiological problem the next day I would 100% be convinced it was the vaccine, but, of course, if we take the sheer number of people being vaccinated right now, some number of them will develop tinnitus shortly after being vaccinated by sheer chance.

      I realize you clearly understand this, I am just spelling it out because it's a common point of confusion here, and so I appreciate having someone who is dealing with this shittiness having the presence of mind to talk about population norms. I think you are responding to this in a more level headed way than I would.
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      COVID Vaccine?
      I received the Moderna shot #1 on March 5 and 3 days later experienced SSNHL and tinnitus in my left ear (moderate high frequency loss). Coincidence? Dumb luck? The vaccine? Nobody knows or will ever know. Statistically we could say that anything is possible as a result of the vaccine, from nothing to death, and everything in between.

      In fairness, this is not my first time in the SSNHL rodeo, and was actually in the rare air of someone that had a complete recovery after oral steroid and intratympanic injections. This was about 8 years ago, with the difference being it was low frequency loss and no tinnitus. It would be nice to hit the easy button and say it was the vaccine, but I can't quite do that. Nor can I say that it wasn't the vaccine, because as we all know, this vaccine has not been vetted under normal circumstances.

      Statistically some people are going to get flu like symptoms, some will get rashes, some will get nothing, and some will die. Is it that big of a stretch to think that tinnitus and and SSNHL is magically off the table in a scenario such as this? When I started treatment the second time around the ENT doctor said to not expect the same result as last time, the success rate of even having some sort of recovery is 23%.

      Unfortunately I did not get the same result, and I am now faced with living with this for the rest of my life. Time to make some lemonade I suppose.

      At any rate, as I queried my ENT about COVID-19, the vaccination, and this condition, he basically shrugged his shoulders and responded with, I don't think there is a correlation, but there isn't enough evidence really out there to say one way or another (paraphrased). Hmmm, ponder that for a second. Not enough evidence. We don't know what lays dormant in our bodies, waiting for the right moment, the right set of circumstances, or the introduction of a foreign substance, to trigger who knows what.

      Bottom line, in my opinion, most people will get through this vaccine without much of an issue. My parents in their late 70's and early 80's got both Moderna shots with nothing more than a sore arm and the need to take an extra nap. For a random select group, fate will not look on you (us) as kindly. Was this going to happen to me on March 8, 2021, if I did not get the shot? Maybe... maybe not. I will never know.

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