Terrible Night! Ugh!

Discussion in 'Support' started by zombiechick, Apr 23, 2016.

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      Usually I don't experience a spike in the evening until about midnight but my spike started at 5pm to 6pm. Being pregnant limits my options. Thought about jumping in the shower, sometimes that's soothing but the hot water goes quick. Its my day off and I wanted to relax but instead I'm a busy lady doing laundry at 2am. Trying to keep my mind busy. I'm exhausted and nine months pregnant. I am getting better at not freaking out during my spikes with T but this has been a day. I only cried once. My husband wanted to see a movie but this took over and I didn't want to go. I'm trying to pull it together. Two more weeks and I'll be a mom but I need to get this shit under control emotionally. Nights like this can really test a person. Anyhow, going to change a load of laundry and maybe stand under the shower to stop these contractions. It's a different kind of tragedy, becoming a mom and feeling your son squirm in your tummy but the tinnitus tries to play over your joy of bonding with your child. I can't help it, sometimes it really makes me sad.
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