"The Ringing Does Not Bother Me" —Paul Gilbert

Discussion in 'Support' started by DudeMannDude, Nov 29, 2015.

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      Paul Gilbert, a guitar virtuoso explains his troubles with hearing loss and tinnitus in this interview.

      Paul Gilbert-Interview

      Starting at about 12:20 is when he first mentions hearing loss and tinnitus.

      "The ringing does not bother me that much" - 16:10

      Apparently his hearing loss is so bad he cannot hear hi-hats on a drum set! - 16:30

      Watching this made me not so scared of continuing on with music. I definitely am not about to stand in front of Marshall stacks like him! However, seeing someone that apparently has profound hearing loss and severe tinnitus not just playing music, but looking relaxed and living his life fully makes me feel like tinnitus is not the end of the world.

      Granted, I would not recommend continuing on like Paul has. Jamming with Marshall stacks and crazy drummers is definitely risky business for anyone's hearing. But if you want to play some acoustic guitar, I would not be too scared. But then again, all of our ears are different, so exercise caution with all things potentially loud.
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      possibly noise
      Thanks! I'll start watching the interview now. He always seems to be one of the friendliest and most optimistic people ever :)

      He plays live with huge headphones for hearing protection and monitoring:
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      Paul is truly an inspiration to all of us who deal with Tinnitus. I had the privilege of knowing him while attending the musicians institute. About 2 years ago i was hit with tinnitus, and it hit hard. It is still fully there, but things are much better now. I am fortunate, and do not have hearing loss, although it is hard to hear over some times. As far as music, i play more that ever, whith great joy........

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