The Three Times My Tinnitus Went Away (Temporarily)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Raindance74, Mar 9, 2015.

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      Has anyones tinnitus ever temporarily disappeared? I know some people's tinnitus has vanished completely but those people are not likely to be hanging out on a forum like this anymore so I wanted to share my experiences of the three times mine has gone away>

      1) I've had tinnitus since 2010. After the first two months, in a near suicidal depression I took two 1mg xanax with a glass of red wine. After about an hour, I turned off the tv and just about lost tinnitus was completely gone! It was like the heavens opened up for the first time. Of course, I don't recommand anyone combine alcohol and benzodazapines (as it can be addictive & dangerous), and I haven't done this since as I soon began to cope using white-noise maskers for relief. I slept great but the next day my tinnitus was back to it's usual level.

      2) This is a strange one. About 8 months ago I came down with a nasty cold. I was laying in bed and my tinnitus quickly shifted from my left ear to my right. Although at first I paniced because my good ear had no tinnitus, I quickly realized for the first time in years my tinnitus completely went away in my left without any chemicals. This only lasted around a minute than the tinnius shifted back into my bad ear again and my good ear returned to normal.

      3) I've occasionaly taken Adderall for ADHD since I was 17, and still do (although only maybe once every few months at most). Someone here mentioned that when they took Ecstasy it felt like their tinnitus was in another room and no longer internal. I feel the exact same way when I take Adderall. Maybe it's because MDMA is also an amphetemine, but for about 6 hours the tinnitus feels like a ringing coming from down the street and is much more tolorable, although it is still slightly there. Of course once the meds wear off it goes back to its normal level.

      It's worth mentioning that when I yawn my ears plug up and my tinnitus completely goes away but so does my hearing. I'm not sure why this is and it only last about 2 seconds so I guess that still qualifies for this list.
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      Benzos, and yes, MDMA, make it stop ringing entirely... And both of those things are useless as a long term fix.

      One time it went away for some hours after I stayed up for 36h straight and then slept for 14 hours; oddly, I read an account of someone else reporting the same thing. I haven't attempted to replicate that.

      I don't think there's much connection between MDMA and adderall in this, just because adderal is primarily a dopamine drug and MDMA, despite being an amphetamine, is primarily a serotonin drug. So it's interesting that adderall had that effect for you; dopaminergic drugs make my tinnitus worse.
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      Benzo + loud noise
      Getting sligthly drunk will make my T disappear completely.
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      But ive read that serotonin is required for the correct functioning of potassium channels..
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      Do you have the articles where you read that?
      I am very interested in this subject.
      Thank you.
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      Sinus Infection?
      Aw man, it makes it worse for me. But I'm guessing that's because my sinuses are enflamed and the alcohol aggravates that.

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