There is an Orchestra Playing in My Head....

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      Hello to you all, my story begins last September of 2014 while at work I started to get a ringing in my left ear. later that day I noticed a hearing loss in that ear as well, I figured it must be something serious when I couldn't hear the dial tone of the telephone and even when I put a mp3 speaker up to that ear I heard nothing at all, but the ringing I still heard inside my head.

      Two months later and after a hearing test the ear specialist confirmed my initial self diagnosis that I had total hearing loss in my left ear, but by then I was experiencing a myriad of differing tones, bells, chimes, sometimes simultaneously. At first I was amused by this phenomenon but I must admit it is getting a little old now and I just want it to go away. I have experienced a lot of the same sort of anxiety and fears that accompany the big " T " and lately it has amped up quite a bit, constant DRONE happening. I am waiting an MRI coming up in late April hoping it will shed some light on why? Some other symptoms like vertigo, light headedness, sort of tinny feeling in the head almost vibrating when it amps up getting into my dreams, had a nightmare the other night felt like an electric current going through me then I woke up disturbed.

      Has anyone else had the T with total hearing loss in one ear out there? I am so thankful that I came across this website it is already having a good effect on my situation just knowing there are so many others having similar experiences. I almost bought into that so called miracle book remedy thing then I had a sober second thought to search for any reviews and that led me to this site and I knew I was on to something good. I have noticed that getting upset about anything can cause an increase in symptoms so I am trying to find ways to remain as calm as I can kind of a Zen thing, I would appreciate any words of wisdom some of you veterans might share to help cope with this. Tks. John.
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      Assault/Contusion/Ear Infection
      Yes.. please stay calm.. that will help. I had high intracranial pressure and concussion after an assault which was pushing my optic nerve making me feel dizzy when I stood up.
      I had to get a Lumbar Puncture to fix intracranial pressure.
      My T has decreased since getting lumbar puncture.
      My hearing is perfect in both ears.
      In your case, make sure you get both brain and inner ear mri.

      Take nac pills. Good luck.
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      Yes, in 2012 I had total sudden hearing loss in my right ear, no tinnitus at that moment, that came later. I went to hospital 4 days after the deafness, had steroids, and within a couple of weeks, an MRI which showed some white matter on the brain stem, which they concluded may have been a blood clot causing the deafness and then tinnitus... My tinnitus came as the hearing gradually returned, albeit distorted (still is to this day)! I went through the music/ringing and most bizzarly tubular bells, very musical! I now have fluctuating and reactive tinnitus at all times. (Right now ear ache too). I sometimes also have balance probs. I now have hearing aids. Bear with it, you will get used to it, because the alternative is unthinkable...
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      Welcome John. Wow, you are from Victoria and I am from Vancouver. Real close to each other in the scheme of things. Actually I do know a lady who has been deaf in one ear and she lives even closer, Surrey, BC to be exact. Actually she was an angel to me during my darkest days. She and I had some phone conversations about T after exchanging some PMs in another forum. She was already a veteran of T there when I first got mine. So she has helped me a lot. She has severe T also and had to be in the ER during her initial days. But she survived all those dark days to tell me that T is survivable. Whenever I told her about my sufferings, she would say 'been there, done that, don't worry about it'. So reassuring. My ultra high pitch dog whistle T turned me into a mess initially, and then severe hyperacusis joined the fun as if my sufferings were not enough. Being a victim of anxiety and panic disorders for decades prior to T&H, these two alien beasts just triggered relentless anxiety and panic attacks on auto mode daily and hourly and my sufferings of all these were just too much to bear. I never thought I could recover from all these. But here I am today living a normal and enjoyable life. It takes time, patience, positivity, acceptance and learning some insights/strategies along the way. Habituation will happen over time for most T sufferers. Staying calm and positive will definitely help. At least when the limbic nerve is replaced by the normal nerve, we can deal with T much better. Try to read up the success story to give you hope that it can get better. Take care & God bless your recovery.

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