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      Hey All! I hope you all are awesome! My name is Kristian and I've had relentless Tinnitus since my car accident back in October 2015. My doctor put me on Lisinopril, I have high BP...everything I've tried is not stopping this loud high frequency in my ears (sometimes accompanied by a wooshing wind like noise). I'm currently on 60mg of Propanolol, 20mg of Lisinopril and just stopped 50mg of Zoloft (because Zoloft seemed to make it worse). Never had this type of problem in my whole life til recently. I've done everything from unplugging everything in my house, taking every quack product claiming to ease or cure tinnitus, losing weight, lowering my BP, going on alkaline diet, gluten-free diet, changing medications, stopping medications, getting more medications... It's pretty debilitating! I hope to learn more from all of your experiences. Thx :)
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      Welcome Kristian! :welcomesignanimation:

      Sorry that you are going through this horrible affliction but at least you found a good place for info. Hang in there!
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      Welcome to the forum. Sorry about your struggle with T. It is understandable as your T is so new. The toughest time is at the beginning when T is so new and alien to the body, which may be still trying to make sense of the T sensation. As such, it may be erroneously treated as a threat, thereby the body's natural defence system is alerted. The limbic nervous system is activated instead of the normal parasympathetic nervous system. As much you act and react in the 'fight or flight' mode and all bad sensations seem to be so alarming. This action by the brain makes coping with T suffering worse, as the body can't get rid of that 'threat'. Educating yourself about what the mind/brain will do can probably help you moderate your reaction to T. Try not to listen to all the distorted thoughts of the mind at this stage, as the mind fall trap into catastrophic thinking about the future based on your worst moment.

      As quoted above, the best way to learn of others' experiences is to read up on the success stories, the insights on what work and what don't. Try to copy success, as these folks have walked the talk with T. Since you say you have tried everything under the sun for T, perhaps the following member's success story may help you with his strategy. I also include my success story which contains some helpful insights on how to get better with my ultra high pitch dog whistle T and severe hyperacusis. Take good care & may God bless your recovery.
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      Hey Kristian, if you don't mind me asking, what do you think caused your T in correlation to the accident? Was it the airbags being deployed at high decibels, whiplash, shock, post traumatic stress?
      Sorry if this brings back unpleasant memories, but this might lead to a better coping strategy.
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      car accident
      Hi @Sebastians, for me it was a combination of whiplash and the airbags deployment :( It was a brand new car and before my car accident I didn't know that airbags could be so dangerous for our hearing, If only I had known this before buying our car, I would have asked my husband to deactivate the airbags :(

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