This Sucks — When the House Is Quiet, I Hear a Steady High-Pitch Tinnitus

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      My name is Angela and I have noticed for several months that when the house gets quiet, I have a steady semi-high pitch in my ears.

      It doesn't bother me much, since the house is almost never completely quiet.

      But the last couple months, I have had more bothersome issues.

      When I lay down at night, I cannot lay on my left side because my right ear will start this annoying ticking noise. It is not the same rate as my heartbeat, it is irregular and fast. I thought it was pain at first, but realized if there is louder sounds I don't seem to notice it as much.

      My annual checkup is next month, and I am afraid, since I already have other undiagnosed nervous system issues.

      Does anyone have any advice to relieve the symptoms?
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      Noise induced
      HI @Angela Goodwin

      It is not unusual for people to experience symptoms of tinnitus in very quiet surroundings, as the human body is a quite a noisy environment. Tests have been carried out where people were put in a soundproof room, and after a period of time has elapsed they have heard ringing in their ears - tinnitus.

      It is for this reason Audiologists and Hearing Therapists, advise tinnitus patients to try and void being in quiet surroundings during the day and especially at night. The reason being the brain and auditory system do not switch off while we are asleep. If the brain hears silence it will increase its background activity and at the same time the tinnitus will also increase, which will tend to make it more intrusive during waking hours. Therefore, it is recommended to use low level sound enrichment during the day and also at night. More about this is explained in my articles in the links below, which I advise you to read.

      Do you regularly listen to music through headphones? Or go to clubs or concerts where loud music is played? Do you work in a noisy environment? Do you use a Headset regularly perhaps during your work? If the answer is yes to any of my questions, particularly using headphones regularly, then you might be showing signs of tinnitus. If this is the case then I advise you to stop using headphones for a while or reduce the volume level and duration of use.

      Exposure to loud noise is the most common cause of tinnitus. Typically, it is listening to music through headphones at too high a volume. People that use headphones, earbuds regularly to listen to music are most at risk of developing tinnitus, as they often do not realize they are listening to audio at too high a volume.

      More information about tinnitus is in the links below.

      All the best
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