Tinnitus and Hyperacusis at Age 19 — Possible Causes Are Loud Music, Anxiety / Stress, TMJ?

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      Noise exposure
      Hey everyone! I just turned 19 and I decided to create an account and share what I’m going through. I would really appreciate it if you all took your time to respond to me.

      When I first got tinnitus
      First of all, I’m very worried. When I first got my tinnitus it wasn’t so loud and I only heard it when it was completely quiet. Even with that I freaked out. It sounded like crickets and mostly like a TV when the screen is on gray if you get me haha (like schhhhhhh). I was very sad and spent a whole month with anxiety and no sleep. I broke down so many times because I was scared that it would increase and I’d go crazy. Luckily though I did habituate and I completely forgot about it after a month or two and I thought the nightmare was over.

      My tinnitus now
      Recently in January my tinnitus came back but worse. I woke up and my right ear felt full with the loud sound of crickets and a TV when it turns gray like a (schhhhhh) lol. I began panicking and found out that noise became sensitive to me. It hurt my ears very bad. Oh boy did I get SCARED. It took me about 3 weeks to calm down and hyperacusis actually went away after those 3 weeks. Then my tinnitus seemed to lower down. It was still louder than it was before but it seemed like I had improved a bit and so I stopped caring about it. Now recently it’s actually pretty bad. Now I have like 3 sounds going on. This new sound is the sound of a very high “eeeeeee” on my left ear. It’s the sound when there is electronics connected and it just makes this static high noise (I apologize I’m very bad at explaining these stupid sounds).

      What could be the cause
      • Noise exposure! For sure this. I’ve grown up listening to music. Headphones, earbuds, or speakers. I wore earbuds on plenty of long road trips, school when we were allowed to and when ever I would study. I always carried my earbuds. I DID stop using them after my second spike and I will no longer pick them up.
      • Anxiety/Stress! I’m a very anxious person. Any little thing and I feel like it’s going to kill me. I do have hypochondria which means that I will believe I have any health condition by feeling any symptom. And then I go searching it up on Google. Yes I am working on this. Sometimes I’ll get anxiety for no reason too. So you can just imagine how tinnitus is making me feel right now. Also if I get very very anxious or stressed I do get hyperacusis and a very loud increase of my tinnitus for a few minutes til I calm down again.
      • TMJ! I do have TMJ. My jaws are almost always crackling. I’ve never got this checked out. It’s honestly something I’ve ignored but I’ve seen that TMJ might cause tinnitus so there’s that.
      What I don’t understand
      • For as long as I can remember, almost always I would hear a hummm or a boooop at night when I would go to sleep. I’ve always ignored it because I thought it was normal but it’s tinnitus? I still hear it but now I have the other sounds I explained on top of that haha.
      • When my hyperacusis was going away after those 3 weeks I began hearing click in my eardrum when I would hear a high pitched sound. Like instead of the sound sensitivity it would literally be an uncomfortable click. But that went away.
      • 4 years ago I started feeling or hearing like this thumping sound in my right ear whenever I would yawn. It was almost like what you feel with a muscle spasm but instead in my ear. Well that recently came back again! Literally two days ago I started feeling it again when I yawn. I wonder what that is?
      In conclusion of all of this, I am very scared that my symptoms are getting worse and worse. I also was recently exposed to loud noise again. From speakers in a car and a gym. I’m not sure what to think. You can take care of your ears all you want but if you have to continue doing your everyday things there’s no way to control noise that other people make. I will go to an ENT soon and see what’s up with my ears. Hopefully I don’t have hearing loss or something bad. Overthinking is something I tend to do so much and it takes over me. I’m back to not being able to concentrate, sleep or be happy. I feel very upset because I should’ve known all of this. If I did I swear I would’ve been so careful but I feel like it’s too late and that this sound is never going to go away. It’s there every day and every night. I want it gone :(
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      Noise induced
      I am sorry to hear of the distress that you are going through. The most likely cause for tinnitus and hyperacusis increasing is using headphones, earbuds or listening to music through speakers at high volume. My advice is to stop using headphones, headsets, earbuds and Aiprods. Don't even use them at low volume. When listening to music through speakers, keep the volume at a comfortable level. Please click on the links below and read my posts. Go to my started threads and read: Hyperacusis, As I See it. Will My Tinnitus Get Worse? You may find other articles in the list helpful.

      As you will be seen at ENT soon explain to your doctor the other symptoms mentioned.

      All the best

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      April 2020
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      Noise exposure
      Hi everyone! I haven’t posted on here since my last post but I wanted to point some things out.

      My tinnitus is actually worse than it’s ever been. It’s never been this loud but at the same time it stopped bothering me? I sleep like a baby with the noise in my head. Sometimes I fall asleep listening to it or I just start thinking about something lol.

      I have a feeling that it’s here to stay forever. I start getting anxious when I start thinking too much about that. About the fact that it might actually stay for good. Or I get anxious about it getting way too loud. Which I really hope it doesn’t. I actually hope the noise just lowers and I finally only have to look for the sound like it was when it FIRST came. That was amazing. But yeah I pray it leaves.

      The noises change quite often. And sometimes it’s 3 sounds a once. Crickets, hissing, an eeeee you name it lol. Although I can go the day without it bothering me I still remember I have it. Like “oh hey tinnitus forgot you were there”

      I’m really glad I’m coping well with it but at the same time it would be nice to just not have it.

      Does anyone else relate to this?
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      Probably noise exposure, but unknown.
      You’re doing well. Sounds like you’re moving towards acceptance and thinking about it less. Do I wish my tinnitus would go away? F**k yeah, but until then we just have to make adjustments and try to live with it. This elevated tinnitus level is also relatively new for you... it may reduce in time.
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      car accident
      So sorry to hear you are going through this. Hopefully a TMJ specialist can shed some light and relief.

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