Tinnitus and Mobile Phone Use

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If your tinnitus is only in one ear, is it in the same ear you normally speak to the cell phone on?

  1. Yes, the same ear

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  2. No, the other ear

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  3. My tinnitus is in both ears

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    1. Carlo

      Carlo Member Benefactor

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      I found this article on the BTA site, probably the matter has already been discussed here or maybe not...

      Last updated on 22 May 2013

      A recent study has claimed that four or more years of mobile phone use could double the risk of developing tinnitus.
      Any mobile phone use made the risk rise 37 per cent while those who used their phones for an average of ten minutes per day were 71 per cent more likely to have the condition. The findings are published in the journalOccupational and Environmental Medicine, and are based on a study of 200 people.

      It is thought that the microwave energy produced by the phones might be the cause of the problem.

      Veronica Kennedy, Consultant Audiovestibular Physician and member of the BTA’s Professional Advisers’ Committee comments, “The association between tinnitus and electromagnetic fields is not a new idea with electromagnetic fields being put forward both as a cause and treatment for tinnitus. Some people have attributed their tinnitus to the sounds generated by electromagnetic fields within modern electrical wiring or power plants. Electromagnetic therapy has also been used to treat tinnitus. This is an interesting study but there are a number of complex factors underlying tinnitus which have not been addressed in the study. The link between mobile phone use and tinnitus remains unproven with further work still needed.”

      Dr Hans-Peter Hutter, of the Institute of Environmental Health, at the University of Vienna in Austria, one of the authors of the study agrees: “I was actually surprised that we found [a pattern]. This is the first study that has been done, so more work needs to be done.” [1]

      1 Tahir, T ‘ Mobiles ‘double risk of tinnitus’, Metro, 20 July 2010

      Hutter, H-P et al. ‘Tinnitus and mobile phone use’, Occupational and Environmental Medicine, online.

      This article originally appeared in the Autumn 2010 issue of Quiet.
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    2. Sherri786

      Sherri786 Member Benefactor

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      Yes around the time I got T , I had been using my cell phone and cordless phones a lot, due to some family emergency. I do believe that the phones contributed to my T besides aspirin.
    3. erik

      erik Manager Staff Benefactor

      Washington State, USA
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      Most likely hearing loss
      well, we are going to have millions more with tinnitus then that's for sure since 6 Billion people on this planet have access to cell phones which is 1.5 Billion more than people have access to working toilets
    4. Steve H

      Steve H Director Staff Benefactor Team Tech Team Research Team Awareness

      Sheffield, UK
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      Flu, Noise-induced, Jaw trauma
      I can't use my mobile without getting a dulling sensation of my hearing and my tinnitus getting worse, I only use speakerphone now, or on-ear earphones if I cant. I've always felt that heavy use of mobile phones made my tinnitus a lot worse, but I couldn't escape them with my work.

      It'll be interesting to see if they can replicate the results and if there is a link, it could just be the way the speaker reproduces the voice that doesn't agree with my ears.
    5. latestnight

      latestnight Member

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      Same here for the most part. Great description of how my ears feel if I hold my phone against my ear for more than a few minutes.
    6. Relic Hunter

      Relic Hunter Member Benefactor

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      An interesting subject.. I am old school. Mobile phones in my youth were the thing of science fiction and I for one wish they had stayed science fiction. I think it says a lot for our current civilization when more people feel they need a mobile phone than a good place to sit and take a crap. Looks like I am starting to rant a little so I will shut up.

      Is it that the usage of mobile phones in themselves that can cause tinnitus or is it just old fashioned noise exposure due to the prolonged usage. It would be interesting to know the amount of time the average person spends on a mobile phone.
    7. AUTHOR

      Carlo Member Benefactor

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      I regret that in the past I often used my mobile without on-ear earphones. Usually anyway I always made short calls, now I only wear one earphone in the ear opposite to that where I have T, or I use speakerphone.
    8. AdamB

      AdamB Member

      Wow... 71% with only a 10 minute phone call a day. That's usually considered a pretty short call too
    9. Karl

      Karl Member Benefactor

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      Adam -
      "Inner ear devices"? Not sure what you mean by that. Also, "there are many effective therapies", I'm unclear what you mean.

      Someone once told me that a lot of AT&T telephone operators have teveloped tinnitus. If so, I think that it may be due to listening to an earphone in one ear, rather than both ears. The same could be said about listening to a cell phone in one ear, rather than naturally with two ears.

      I've read that the auditory system is naturally fairly balanced in volumes between the left and right ears. Animals use subtle differences in sound volumes coming from left and right ears to locate sounds. But if one ear becomes constantly more dominant than the other, this sets off an imbalance, which some say is the cause of tinnitus.

      Hearing loss in one ear obviously makes an imbalance in volume levels between the ears. But, it would also seem possible that "one eared listening" (from one earphone or a cell phone) can also create an imbalance. This is a modern thing. Only in the last 100 years or so have people been listening to headphones.

      Again, that's just my theory, for lack of an "official position" from most of the medical community.
    10. AUTHOR

      Carlo Member Benefactor

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      Thanks to Markku for having added the poll. Could be interesting if there will be any significant statistic development...
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    11. Darren Knight

      Darren Knight Member

      Cambridge UK
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      Not sure. I'm not saying they help, but Tinnitus has been around a lot longer than mobile phones. Also deaf people have T as well, so as I say I'm really not sure.
    12. awbw8

      awbw8 Member Benefactor

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      unfortunately my mobie phone and i spend quite a bit of time together (my family lives 3k miles away), but i try to cut down on some of the radiation by using one of these. it actually has some studies behind it, it doesn't eliminate the radiation, but directs it away from you head :)

      The Pong Case by Pong Research

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