Tinnitus from Ear Infection?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ryan Mraz, Jun 29, 2015.

    1. Ryan Mraz

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      End of may 2015
      Hi my name is Ryan and I'm 15. Back in my May I had an ear infection in my left ear and the doctor prescribed me amoxicillin and the infection wasn't going away and I also got an infection in my right ear. Went back to the doctor and they prescribed me cefnidir and after taking it all the pain and the infection itself went away, but I noticed something when I went to sleep. It started in my right ear this weird random beeping noise I was hearing. Then my left this weird waa....waa sound that was faint. I went to the ENT and told him what was happening and he said my ears did not have an infection. He said I just shold wait and the noises will go away. Well, to be sure he scheduled me a hearing test. In the days leading up to the hearing test the noises got louder the beeping thing was also now in my left and right ear plus my left ear had the loud waa...waa pulse to it with no particular beat. So I take the hearing test and the audiologist said my right ear was fine but found something with the left ear. So, I spoke with the ENT again and he said there was a dropoff in my left ear. Most likely some earing lose he said. I'm going back soon for another hearing test to see if the data is for real. He said now he doesn't know if the noises will go away for me which made me upset because before he promised I'd be fine and the noises would go away. Ever since the noises have been getting louder everyday and they get louder when the surrounding noise gets louder as well. I can never get a good night sleep now and it's making me depressed. I have no history of ear issues and all of the sudden I had an ear infection and all of this happens. I also have been experiencing hyperacusis which is really bothering me and the doctor said should go away. I've hit the end of the road I don't know what to do and don't want to stop doing things I want to do because of this. Any help appreciated.
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      Yes. I had an infection a month ago. Developed fluid in my middle ear and currently have tinnitus. Let's hope it goes away
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      Ear Infection
      I got tinnitus from an ear infection last September, also had hyperacusis at first. The H should go away... T could resolve itself... Ask him what your options are.
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      not sure
      Welcome Ryan and don't worry. It should get better over time, especially if you stay more positive. Like you I also don't have history of ear issues and I have severe H also besides my ultra high pitch dog whistle T. Your reaction of stress and sleeplessness is quite within the norm of most newer sufferers. T & H are not easy to deal with together. I remember my H turning all normal sounds so loud, glassy and piercingly hurtful to my ears, so much so that I had to wear ear plugs to protect from the hurtful sensation. But doing so also caused my screaming T so unbearably dominant when all outside masking sounds were blocked. So I didn't know which of them were the lesser evil as they both hurt badly. I also had prior history of anxiety and panic disorder. So unfortunately T & H just triggered relentless anxiety and panic attacks with their own set of horrible sensations and symptoms. Life was bleak and hopeless for me and I never thought I could recover and live happy again. How can one live with such condition?

      But here I am today living a normal, productive and absolutely enjoyable life. T is livable and not an end game. I wrote my success story as many other members did. If you have time, you can read up the stories. For brevity of the long story, I include the link below. Make sure you read as many success stories as you can to give you hope and comfort that, given time, you will be fine too. Take care & God bless.

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      Ear infection / Mild Noise Induced Hearing Loss
      For what it's worth--my tinnitus also started with an ear infection. My tinnitus is still there but at a lower volume and intensity since it started and I have noticed very slow but gradual improvement month over month. It is definitely at a volume now where I don't notice it a lot of the time and even when I do it doesn't cause me emotional distress.

      And for support, you've come to the right place--people like @billie48 are absolutely the people you want to talk to.

      Best wishes!
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    6. lotte

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      @marqualler I was wondering what your T was like during your ear infection? I am having one at the moment and my T is very loud. I have had T before my infection but mild and maskable. I am hoping that my T reduces once inflammation is gone and hearing returns to normal. How has it gone for you?
    7. Fungus

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      My tinnitus started with a sinus and ear infection (very mild!) a year ago. I had no mental health issues in the past. However, the hissing (fire hydrant/jet engine) that is my tinnitus and the weird hyperacusis reduced me to a severely depressed individual with bad panic attacks. I'm only telling you this,Ryan, as the whole thing has turned round. My hyperacusis is gone, and ,though the tinnitus has persisted at high volume, I have habituated and live the same life as I did before (now with sound-generating hearing aids, to be exact, but nothing else).

      Depression with panic attacks is pretty common with an acute onset of tinnitus. Anxiety about, and focusing on, the condition makes tinnitus many times worse.

      You may need to have anti-depressants and counselling. Tinnitus clinics where other techniques like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Tinnitus Retraining can be game changing.

      Things will improve.

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      Ear infection
      Did it go?

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