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      Noise exposure + Stress
      Hi guys.

      I'm a 32yo dude from Spain. I have had Tinnitus for 7 days now (high pitched), that's why I have discovered this forum.

      My T appeared after some days of a lot stress/fear/health anxiety/constant alert status, because I became super hypochondriac reading about schizophrenia (specially about the sympton of hearing voices) to the point of almost be depressed about it. Before this I also had already lots of stress because I'm trainning/studying to become a Firefighter and working at the same time.

      I went to the ENT yesterday and did a earing test (result: no earing loss, no idea up to which frequency he tested) and prescribed me Ginkgo Biloba. I'm not 100% sure stress was the cause because I've also had a couple of exposes to loud sounds (not long term like a concert or everyday).

      As a result of this I have fallen in a brutal depression, with almost no sleep and no eating (worst thing ever for an aspiring firefighter like me, the work of years is going to the Trash can).

      As a science lover since a I was a child, I find fascinating that an incorrectly executed neuroplasticity can create such a torturing experience. I have always thought that nature is cruel, and T confirms that one more time.

      As a curious fact, my sister also had Tinnitus (hypochondriac + stress triggered too, very loud) for 4 months (after that it dissapeared completely). On that time she was mentally destroyed and lost 30 lbs of weight. I have heard and read other reports of people whose Tinnitus went away, but my sister's case is the only one I have verification that is 100% true.

      I have decided that I'm not gonna live with this for the rest of my life, so I have started the process to get the neccesary elements to execute the most optimal suicide method that is known (nembutal + antiemetic). How much time should I wait before doing it, for the chances that it could go away? Which treatments should I try? TRT?, Binaural Beats?, tVNS?, ST? Anything useful?

      Also, what's the explanation of people whose T disappears? Do they have special brains capable of fixing the wrong neuroplasticity that causes T by doing another one on top of it?
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      Hi Kratos,

      Welcome to the board!

      First off, please do not even think about committing suicide; that is the ultimate cowardly act and totally goes against the idea of being a firefighter, since they rush into danger!

      So you have tinnitus for one week... were you exposed to any loud sounds or did you take any medications immediately prior to the onset of tinnitus?

      As for the medical route, you can ask the ENT to give you a steroid and see if that helps (prednisone) .

      I have been on this site since March 2016 and I do not remember reading a single post where the user said their tinnitus completely vanished.

      One thing I can tell you definitively is that anxiety, stress, and lack of sleep feed tinnitus. Therefore, if you can minimize the first two and get enough sleep, that will help a lot! Since you have it for only one week, hopefully it will vanish for you as abruptly as the onset. In case it does not, do not worry. Tinnitus will not kill you. The key to coping with it is to unclench your fists and let it win. After that, your brain will gradually acclimate to it and the noise will not affect your nervous system and cause anxiety. The medical term for this is called 'habituation'. I know it is not easy, but that's the optimal path to take. Best of luck!
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      Welcome to tinnitus talk kratos.
      First of all you need help and support for depression to put you in a better mental state to progress in a positive way to deal with your tinnitus itself.

      Nothing to be ashamed of and their is help with counselling and medication and phone support from Mind,Samaritans and mental health and your doctor,family and this forum.

      I know it can be hard and every little thing can seem hard to do even eat or get out of bed and nerves running high to with anxiety.
      This is just a blip your going through but with support you will come through this stronger.

      The unwanted emotions tinnitus can bring and lack of sleep on top can all feel to much.
      Go at your own pace and reduce any pressure and stress and put yourself first and don't let people off load pressure on to you till you are stronger.
      Get out in the fresh air and talk to people and socialize if you are up to it and read the positive posts on here.

      Don't give up on your dreams as a firefighter as you will have to deal with lots of issues but you will be in a better mind set battling depression and tinnitus.
      Please get help and go to a safe place if suicidal like AnE or ring mental health who will talk you down and help you.
      Don't see your future as it is now and how you feel now as your future will be bright and happy as you learn to deal and cope with these issues.

      We are here around the clock so always someone around to support you if feel alone and we do understand.
      Chin up and tomorrow is the start of your road to recovery....lots of love glynis
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      Ear infection.
      Negative talk and planning suicide is not helping all the people on this forum who are trying to come to terms with there tinnitus. You are depressed and need urgent help to deal with your tinnitus and mental state. I know its tough for you but we have all been through difficult times with the same condition that you are experiencing. So please see your doctor for urgent help with your depression. Once your depression is under control you will better handle your tinnitus.
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      Benzo + loud noise
      7 days ? It might go away tomorrow !
      I have two friends that both got rid of T
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