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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Junie, May 4, 2016.

    1. Junie

      Junie Member

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      anxiety/depression. possible acoustic trauma
      After four months of tinnitus, I can say that my tinnitus has disappeared to the point that it's practically gone. At this point, I only hear it when I yawn and even then, it's barely audible.
      I've been a lurker on here since onset, and promised myself that if I become better (whether tinnitus has gone away or not) I would post my success story on here.

      I'm not quite sure of what caused it, but I think it was the compilation of stress/anxiety (from college) and acoustic trauma (I don't really go to concerts frequently but I used to listen to music pretty loudly everyday with my earphones). I don't have any hearing loss or hyperacusis, sorry I can't help you guys on these ):

      I know tinnitus is very different for everyone, but like most of everyone here, I did go through the initial panic/depressive stage where I questioned my quality of life as well as if it's worth it to continue. Do not listen to these thoughts!! It went on for a month till I gradually became better.

      The way I dealt with my tinnitus was to be proactive. I know it's very hard, I understand as I have lived with depression and anxiety disorders for 7 years. If you cannot manage by yourself, perhaps get a friend to help you along the way (this is what I did)! I made a list of my goals/aspirations and thought to myself "Well, I need to get started on these!". This helped me tremendously, crossing out something on my list gave me a sense of self-satisfaction and happiness. It undoubtedly helped me through my earliest and darkest days. Doing things you love is very important as well, as an artist I found great relief from creating art.

      I went to an ENT but all he said was that I had to live with it. And you know what? I did just that. Just because I had this seemingly life-consuming affliction didn't mean that it was going to take me down. I slowly but surely got my life back on track, and keeping myself busy allowed me to not pay attention to about my T.
      Not sure if this is too relevant to the improvement of my T, but I started vitamin supplements (D and fish oil). I also switched over to a "raw" diet (this has made me incredibly energized and overall improved my mood).

      I'm no longer suicidal or controlled by T. With confidence, I can say that I'm okay and that I've successfully recovered/habituated. To any new or old sufferers, it will be okay. A positive mindset can do wonders, and life is beautiful..do not let this wall stop you from continuing. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to message me anytime and I'll do my best.

      On another note, my sister got T last year, but hers has completely disappeared within 9 months! Hers was very loud too, she claimed that she heard it over the TV but she decided not to care and moved on. I didn't even realize that she had it till she told me while I was stressing out over mine. She said that hers slowly decreased on volume like mine and one day at a cafe she felt/heard a "pop" in her ears as if some kind of pressure was let out. Since then, she has been enjoying the silence.
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    2. Zora
      Kick ass

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      1st time: Megaphone ;2nd time: headphones too loud
      Awesome! Thank you for posting :) how did you sister get T?
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    3. AUTHOR

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      anxiety/depression. possible acoustic trauma
      She got it after going to a loud concert, and she had some hearing loss as well!
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    4. jeanoroid

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      Loud Music / headphones
      Ear protection at clubs/concerts from here on out right?
    5. Richard zurowski

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      Ear infection.
      @Junie . Your very lucky for your tinnitus to disappear. Good luck and enjoy your silence.
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    6. Starlord

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      St. Petersburg, Florida
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      Noise induced
      Thank you so much for coming back to give others hope! This gives me more energy to keep fighting. Thank you!!!!!
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    7. Raggs

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      I've read that the way to keep it away, is to NOT listen to silence..your ears will always be looking
      for something to listen to, so even if mine goes away, I will always have a sound machine playing,
      or soft music, or radio..etc..so that my ears will ALWAYS have something else to focus on..otherwise
      they might go lookin inside my head! no thanx. Anyway, just a friendly warning, I wouldn't listen to
      your silence too much..I hope I haven't "annoyed' you, I honestly want you to keep your silence
      and just afraid if you sit in it too long, you'll lose it!
    8. M Smith

      M Smith Member

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      Feb 2017
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      TMJ (diagnosed by ENT and dentist)
      Hey everyone! I've had T for 6 months, it came on suddenly! I've been treated for TMJ for years and I do have anxiety, I'm on meds. I went to an ENT, she said my tmj is causing my T. Six months ago I went thru some very stressful life changes and thats when it started, so I guess thats not really out of no where . I'm going through physical therapy and doing relaxing techniques, some days are better than others. My PT says my neck and shoulders are very tight. We are hopeful I will be cured!
    9. JimJimJalabim

      JimJimJalabim Member

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      Thanks for this. I have a similar situation to you, i've only had it for a little over a week. A combination of stresses likely caused mine - but after the first week, which was the worst week in the past 10 years, I began to take a more proactive stance not on fighting the sound, but on how I reacted to it. I'm not out of the woods yet, I still get momentary bouts of anxiety, and my appetite isn't back to 100%, but I'm definitely better than I was a week ago, and that means I'm going to keep getting better.
    10. Dmitriy

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      Gunshot Exposure
      Thanks for posting, it's always great to hear these stories and keep hope. I got my T few weeks ago after loud sounds, and everyday is better or worse. Today is actually the worst. I wonder if high stress is making it worse. I am leaving for a short vacation next week and I am very curious how I will during or after.
    11. cviechec

      cviechec Member

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      otc painkillers
      I wonder how loud OP's T was.. I want to be hopeful but mine is so loud I don't have much hope.. maybe I can hope for a drastic reduction, that'd be fine. I don't need complete silence.

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