Tinnitus in Left Ear

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      Hi everyone,

      I'm 65 years old and have had tinnitus in the left ear for some years now. An ENT guy has told me that there is one frequency that I don't hear very well in that ear, so I'm assuming that's the cause of the tinnitus. However, whatever frequency it is, I don't think I need it, as I wouldn't have been aware of any hearing loss at all, had it not been for the ENT guy testing my hearing.

      I've been around a lot of loud noise over my life, so I'm probably lucky I only have the problem in one ear.

      In any case, I am here because I'm interested in what others do to cope, plus I'd like to keep up to date on any solutions that come up.
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      Do you know what the frequency of your hearing loss is? Do you know the frequency of your tinnitus?

      You could try this tool to find out the frequency of your tinnitus tone: http://www.audionotch.com/app/tune/

      And then comparing that to your hearing loss freq...

      They'll likely match.

      You are lucky your tinnitus has remained in one ear. Oftentimes it starts in one ear and then moves in to the other one too.

      This is a good site, I think our members will be amongst the first to know when a working treatment comes to light.



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