Tinnitus Level Is Reduced After Work Meetings

Discussion in 'Support' started by Poseidon65, May 3, 2021.


After a work meeting, how is your tinnitus usually?

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    1. Poseidon65

      Poseidon65 Member Benefactor

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      A loud live music show
      Quite often, I find that after having a meeting at work, my tinnitus is at a *much* lower level than its usual baseline. Eventually it comes back up to baseline of course.

      If I had to guess as to why, I'd say maybe the act of talking brings auditory stimulation to my ears, and this causes the tinnitus to back off. I wish there were a way to reproduce this without talking to myself all day (lol).

      I'm curious: does this same phenomenon happen to anyone else after having a meeting?
    2. Keith Handy

      Keith Handy Member

      Rochester, NY, USA
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      Stress + sleep deprivation + noise
      Generally conversation in an otherwise quiet room seems to suppress my noises a little, as long as everyone isn't talking over one another. I call that the "reverse reactive" aspect of my reactive tinnitus. A similar thing happens when I eat crunchy food; the sound is just stimulating enough but not overstimulating.
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    3. Diesel

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      20+ Years of Live Music, Motorcycles, and Power Tools
      Same here.
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