Tinnitus Masker Troubleshooting

Discussion in 'Support' started by Joakim Skomsvoll, Dec 23, 2015.

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      Hi, all! Please bear with me with this one. English is not my native tongue, and some of you might think TLDR on the following. You might be able to save christmas for me, though ...

      I started having severe tinnitus in my left ear approximately 2-3 years ago. About three months ago I was finally given a Siemens Pure tinnitus masking device, which emits a rather low, but pleasant rushing sound which helps to mask out the tinnitus. It can also be used as a normal hearing aid in conjunction with the "masker".

      This nifty little decvice gave A LOT of comfort until about two days ago. While getting ready for bed, with the Pure plugged in my ear, the masking sound suddenly faded away without warning. I've tried changing the battery at least three times, and to rule out humidity as a cause I've left it do try over night. It actually turns on (with its distinct beep).

      So, now for the interesting part. Just for the sake of curiosity: I tried plugging it in my other ear, and guess what: the rushing sound was present. It's as if only my "bad" ear no longer can hear the masker. As you might image I was really frightened by this. "Am I gradually losing my hearing?". So I asked both my mom and my dad to try the same thing, none of which are suffering from T. Guess what? They, too, can only hear the masker in one ear!

      I would be eternally greatful if someone has input, experience or knowledge that could explain this phenomenon.

      Thanks in advance,

      - Joakim from Norway
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      Are you sure they aren't lying to you to make you feel better?

      How would it be possible they hear the masker in only the same (right or left ear?) ear as you?

      Due to genetics?

      Maybe the masker produces a sound that you cannot hear in one ear, and your parents cannot either, because you have hearing loss across the masker's frequencies in that ear?

      I would take the maskers to an audiologist and ask if they can be adjusted somehow to provide relief for both of your ears.
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      Have your hearing Checked and ear checked for wax build up as wearing ear devices can cause a wax build up.
      Don't forget to clear the tiny tubes with a fine wire to clear out wax from in the tubes...lots of love glynis

      ( don't forget to keep it set below your tinnitus or mixing point and best used all day and not to sleep in)
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      Perhaps pressure on the case is messing with the connection. Take it back.

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