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Discussion in 'Treatments' started by Jim, Mar 11, 2011.

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      Thank you Michael!
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      What is the difference between using a "sound device" and using headphones from an iPhone, or noise cancelling headphones? Please advise...

      Also, does anyone have any experience with TRT?

      Finally, this may be a dumb question, but does anyone know if it makes a difference treating one or both of your ears with TRT? Please advise... for example, if you start listening to pink noise... can you do it ONLY in the affected ear? I haven't seen any articles addressing this.
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      I have had TRT twice with good results. It is a specialist treatment which has to be done with a Hearing Therapist or Audiologist. It involves wearing two white noise generators and having regular counselling. The treatment can take up to two years to complete. It is not a treatment you can do yourself or use an iPhone or any type of headphones.

      Click on the links below and read my articles on tinnitus.



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      @Michael Leigh how do you find an audiologist to do it? And does it have to be Neuromonics?
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      Hi there, I have gone through TRT twice. The devices are absurdly expensive. The counselling portion is worth it if your anxiety is sky high and you really need the support. Otherwise reading Jastreboff or even searching TRT online might be sufficient.

      As someone pointed out above the generators provide sound enrichment, the counselling provides insight.

      In my view it was impossible to habituate to the catastrophic sound I was hearing but over the last seven years it has come down to a kind of general hissing on many days.

      In terms of sleeping, I am able to wear the sound generators, which I do on bad nights. I also created a playlist of music that lasts for about an hour. It’s generally made up of soothing mellow folk music. At one point I was also using hypnosis tapes as part of the playlist but no longer.

      And I did find one trick. If I wake up in the morning and the tinnitus is bad, if I play music through earbuds and fall back asleep, about 50% of the time my tinnitus improves a great deal.

      My entire regimen is much longer. It includes Ayurvedic formula made up of a bunch of herbs prescribed by an Ayurvedic practitioner, Acupuncture, Craniosacral therapy, hypnosis that I did for about two years, before bed 10 mg of melatonin, one and a half milligrams of Klonopin, 30 mg of Celexa, 300 mg of gabapentin, Valerian or good night sleep tea that contains Valerian.

      At the beginning the tinnitus was at the level of a police whistle blowing directly in my ear and I thought it was more than I could endure. I lost 30 pounds and was not able to sleep more than an hour or two for months.

      Somehow I made it through, and things are way way better although still challenging on certain days.

      You spoke of the sound changing and that might be due to the sound generators but it might’ve happened on its own. During my first six months the sound changed quite a bit. I had the trifecta which was three sounds at once: A high-pitched whistle combined with a tonal sound combined with something like crickets.

      Check to see if you have hyperacusis or hypersensitivity to sound as this can also be a big problem.

      Good luck
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      @Stocktrader86 in terms of TRT the sound devices are supposed to be in both ears and at a pretty equal setting. I was counselled against using it in one ear. Also the setting is supposed to be below the level of the tinnitus so you can habituate. Good luck with whatever you choose.
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      I've been doing TRT since March 2017 (met with Dr. J).

      I feel it has only increased my habituation very slightly. My entire problem is on "loud days" which are 4 week on average although it can vary. Quiet days are so low that it never bothered me. But on loud days, I can easily hear it in the shower as it's such an abrasive buzzing noise (like an insect). the quiet days it's a low ring. I also get other sounds that are subtle... sometimes like a low vacuum in the background, or an accordion playing... or electronic beeps. But these "secondary" sounds are not bad. It's that loud buzzing that is bothersome.

      I do like wearing the ear mask/noise generators as they do a very good job of getting my mind off the tinnitus. I largely forget about it when wearing them. This is the closest thing to a medication for tinnitus in my opinion. However, when I take them off it hits me. I was hoping my brain would have habituation more by this point in time. With that said, my loud days do not interfere with me doing anything like concentration, sleep, etc. But my quiet days are extremely pleasant as a relief. If I lost my quiet days, I fear it would be very difficult.

      I was told I would possibly benefit with a hearing aid as I have high frequency hearing loss, but I don't think I need one (neither does my girlfriend). I'm fine with normal hearing, conversations, etc.

      I do take a low dose Valium at night (about 2.5 mg daily) and perhaps that is not good for habituation, but it's not a lot either.

      On any rate, I will continue.
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      Shingles virus
      Couple of questions - If your hearing is bad in one ear with tinnitus, can you use a hearing aid with masker in one ear? What’s the timeframe to wearing the masker with TRT forever?

      I bought the TRT book but it hasn't arrived. I understand the concept of it all and it can take up to 2 years but what are some base methods. I imagine besides not seeing tinnitus as a threat, to possibly drop your thought of it once it enters your conscious?

      I know that's part of other methods as well. Sounds simple but we all know how that is.
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      I'm not sure if you would only want to use the masker in one ear or not - I would think both ears still as you're attempting introduce a new sound to the brain so that it's focus is turned away from the ringing if you will. For a hearing aid, maybe one ear is fine... but I'm not sure.

      Most people have success with TRT within 6-9 months, but there are outliers. You can wear the ear maskers for as long as you want. I rarely wear them on my quiet days any longer - really just louder days. Dr. Hubbard (specializes in CBT for tinnitus) has recommended for users to eventually wean off them. At some point I will probably attempt this.
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      Noise exposure?
      I haven't tried TRT but I've done some CBT. I find as of now when I have relapses I take meds. I usually habituate in 12-18 months.

      I was doing some research and ran across this:

      'ATA is one of the only organizations worldwide funding tinnitus research. Learn about ATA's innovative Roadmap to a Cure, and recently-funded studies.'

      Is it true?
      G-D bless!
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      Medication, Depression
      Has anyone had success with TRT? What is the process? Thanks.
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      injury from noxious noise
      A forced therapy the community is forced to deal with made by a guy who cannot tell the difference between noises sounding too loud and noises sounding painful. Also audiologists love TRT because it comes bundled with hearing aids and that's how they profit.

      TRT may help some people with tinnitus and "loudness hyperacusis" but I don't believe it does jackshit for noise induced pain.
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      central gain << NIHL
      Nor, importantly for many, many people with severe tinnitus (such as myself). As evinced by experiences shared on this board.
      Not to mention common sense, when the actual content of the "therapy" is examined.
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      U.S. Army/Field Artillery Veteran / loud computer
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      Intermittent Tinnitus probably noise induced
      I have not tried TRT, so I can't comment on it. I did, however, try CBT, specifically tailored for Tinnitus Distress, short term, and it worked out very well. If you're experiencing various problems due to tinnitus, need to get back on your feet again and face the world with a new perspective, acquire the tools can help you cope, and speed up the habituation process, then there is a very good chance that CBT will work for you. Good luck.
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      Unknown, Lupus
      If you are in a country where TRT is free, go for it.
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      Quite agree with you Mannie.
      When the hospital assessed me for CBT or TRT they said that my knowledge and understanding of Tinnitus was pretty complete and they could not see what further benefit I would acquire.
      In fact, of course, I knew that already.

      The only answer I am interested in is a treatment to reduce the volume and intensity.
      No more ‘airy-fairy’ psychobabble posing as therapy, which simply adds up to more ‘bullshit.’

      When the industry knows it has NO answers they should come out and say so, but that would not generate profit would it, and would put a lot of clinicians out of work.

      I am reminded of that famous quote
      by Gertrude Stein regarding
      ‘The Meaning Of Life.”

      There ain't no answer.
      There ain't gonna be any answer.
      There never has been an answer.
      That's the answer.”

      Gertrude Stein

      This may not be the case with Tinnitus Mannie, but at the moment I reckon that’s the state of play.

      Best wishes buddy
      Dave x
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