Two Weeks Into Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by lissaharold, Dec 30, 2015.

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      Hi everyone. I just wanted to make a comment, that yes life keeps going on and there are a lot of new and exiting things waiting to be accomplished. I am two weeks and a half now with T, I still have hopes that it will slowly get better and go away. I have hope moments and dark moments . The darks moments are always there making me think that I can't live with this and that it will never go away, but I like to remind myself that I have a lot of people that love me and wait for me to do great things in life. I know a lot of people are living with T and have a beautiful worry free life. I just hope that one day I could be able to achieve that point in life. Sometimes I think of how long life is and that T will only make it look miserable and dark, but still I try to keep the light on inside me and keep on going. Nothing makes me feel better than to see people supporting each other in this forum. Blessings for all. :)!
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      Meniere's Disease
      What a lovely positive post lissa,
      Keep posting for support and make some friends along the way...lots of love glynis
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      @glynis Thank you so much! :))
      As an update this friday completes my third week with T . Its very hard to keep yourself positive, mainly when they are a million things that can torment you when thinking about T. Not to mention the more you think about T the more you hear it. But how can you not focus on something thats ringing inside your head? its hard..
      Sometimes it sounds really low sometimes and then other times it spikes up throughout the day, it also changes from been just in one ear to been in my two ears. I have to say my right ear is the one that rings the most. I have had several doctor appointments this past 3 weeks with a regular GP, and I haven't yet seen a ENT or audiologist, since my gp hasn't made a referral. Sometimes they start to hurt and i have that constant clogged feeling. I well i happen to be low in iron, my doctor said that it could be the reason why my ears ring and I have dizziness episodes. All I know is that it will be wonderful to be free from the constant ringing. Even though is funny that at night i can still sense silence even though my ears ring, I don't know if this is a good sing or its me going crazy. pray and faith. pray and faith.

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