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      Not diagnosed. Ear infection August 2015. Soon after heartbeat sound in left ear started September 5th. Sinus infection in late September and again in October. Primary care doctor sad sound should go away since I had fluid in my ears but just keeps getting worse louder. Sometimes I feel I can't sleep at night and get anxiety from the noise in my ear. Need to go back to ask for referral to an ENT. Would like advice thank you.
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      Welcome to TT. If your T is caused by infection and/or fluid in the ears, then at least there is a medical cause to it. When the cause is rectified, generally T will fade or get less severe. So your best bet is to go after the doctors/ENTs to help you deal with the problem. There is the TT thread 'Don't Panic...' which gives you step by step instruction on what to do. There is also a sleep thread link so you will get some idea on how to sleep better with T. You can also click on the audio player link to get excellent masking sounds so your anxiety of hearing the ringing can be tamed a bit. You can also use this rain sound generator to get some soothing rain sound which can mask your T. Take care & God bless.
      (the icons on the left side give you instructions step by step)

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