Update on My Tinnitus — It's Not a Threat Anymore

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Younggirl, Apr 1, 2020.

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      Combination of stress and music, still unknown
      Hi everyone! I wanted to give you an update on how my life has been the last couple of months. I´m on my 8 month now, but things are so different. This is a positive post. A posting that I hope encourage you to keep on fighting. Because there is hope. And as cheesy as this saying is: "What doesn´t kill you makes you stronger."

      So I do still have tinnitus. But it´s not a threat anymore. It´s more like a "healthometer." It tells me when my body is tired, when I´m exposed to a lot of emotional stress and when things are just out of balance. When my mind and body is in a good place and my focus is elsewhere than my own thoughts and anxiety around tinnitus, I barely notice it. I really think that tinnitus is connected to stress, anxiety, highly sensitivity and such. But I´m not a doctor and know that some causes of tinnitus may due to damage. I don´t know. All my knowledge comes from my audiologist who is AMAZING, Julian Cowan Hill, Jefferson theory and my own experience with it. And I dare to actually claim that tinnitus and your psychical health is connected. The more I managed to relax mentally and physically, fix my focus and believe that it will be ok, things got better.

      I was at rock bottom this past fall. I really believed that my life was over. That I had to live with this alien buzzing inside of my head the rest of my days. I even thought about how it would be like if I just ended it all and I´m a person who loves life.

      Every little progress is a victory. It does not seem like it and everything feels like hell. But hopefully with time you will experience that your relationship with your tinnitus changes. Maybe even your tinnitus disappears. That´s what we all are hoping for. But I want to tell you that you can live a happy life even if it´s not completely gone. Our brain and body is amazing at adapting. Your brain will hopefully tune out the sound because it´s not important. You actually see your nose but your brain has just tuned it out.

      I thought that I would never be able to work, get a boyfriend, new friends or function normally. It took me about 3,5 months before I stared to believe that life could be okay again. And HOLY how much I´ve learned about my self and how much stronger I´ve become. I´ve gained more compassion for my self and others, and I´m more grateful for the little things in life.

      Some days I do notice my tinnitus more and my body feels weak. But with tinnitus or no tinnitus, you still will experience days with pain. When I struggle with it I try to remind my self that "okay, today I hear you a bit more, but I know and have experienced that you are lower and not threatening when my body and mind is at ease".

      I know that the struggle is hard. I´ve been there and have experienced it all. But I´m also a proof that IT WILL BE OKAY.

      My tips for you is to read and get information about how the brain and tinnitus works.

      * Shift your focus away from tinnitus.
      * Stop checking your tinnitus.
      * Listen through your tinnitus and over on something else.
      * Find ways to make your body relax.

      Wish you all the best! <3 <3
      Hang in there.
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      Sinus infection/lyme or bartonella
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      Minor hearing loss (twice)
      Awesome! Thank you @Younggirl, we all need these kind of stories. God Bless!

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