Weirdest Feeling Ever...

Discussion in 'Support' started by ampumpkin, Sep 4, 2014.

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      woke up this morning with my T lower, like every morning.

      Went to drop my son at daycare and bumped my head on the car door.

      Can you believe that after 7 years of non-stop T, my T disappeared completely for an hour?? I have to admit that I freaked out, I thought I would have a heart attack or that bumping my head caused an injury!!

      My T is back but I'm thankful because it is a low day.

      Just wanted to share?!

      I wonder how I'm gonna feel when they find a cure for T!!
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    2. Jay M

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      If I heard silence now I would probably get dizzy and fall down. Don't start bumping your head on purpose. :)
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    3. Grace
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      Its a sign!!!!!! Lol jk but you never know... Well something switched it off atleast.. Which means it can be switched offff!!!! But yeah dont go bumpin your head now for fun hah
    4. billie48

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      What a nice bump! (just kidding). T is quite an unpredictable foe. So any break like that can give hope for a lower T or full recovery. At least we know something can stop T, be it a bump in your case. LOL. Keep up the hope.
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      I will keep bumping now!!!

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