What Hobbies Do You Have? (and Does Tinnitus Interfere?)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by DiDDo, Mar 6, 2011.

    1. DiDDo

      DiDDo Member

      i have always loved motorcycling and been doing that for years. even before tinnitus got the better of me.

      I still can, but even with good hearing protection (hearos nnr 33db) I'm a little scared.

      I never ever want to be responsible for making my tinnitus worse. but I do understand the risks, and if it ever worsens, I know it's my responsibility and will not cry over it.

      besides bikes I have tons of smaller hobbies, like badminton, tennis and videogames. yep, some late nights playing videogames :)

      am curious what hobbies or extracurricals you have and does T complicate matters and if so, how:)
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    2. Markku

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      I used to spend lots of time reading, but that changed when I got T. I have started reading again, not so much anymore, but it's manageable with some sound track playing.

      Nowadays my activities include music in every form, movies, tv and theater. I love improv.

      I also can be found online quite often doing some web projects or just chatting away. I was like the first one of my friends to register on Facebook, but I'm not Facebooking that actively anymore. It's a neat tool though.

      Tinnitus doesn't really come in between me and my activities, except for when some quiet time is necessary. But I'm putting myself in quiet-y situations every now and then and find that it's not so bad anymore than it used to be.
    3. Tom58

      Tom58 Guest

      I've always been a gun aficionado and have been hunting and target shooting for years.

      That's how my tinnitus came about, although by an accident and not by not having my ears protected.

      I haven't stopped my hobbies because of tinnitus, but I am extra careful when it comes to guns and other loud noises.
    4. Jim

      Jim Member Benefactor

      San Francisco
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      I used to love to go for long bike rides, hikes, strenuous work outs of all kinds. Now I have to moderate all activities to a much lower intensity because of the tinnitus. Any high intensity activity makes the T climb and stay high for a couple days. I also enjoy sailing which does not affect the T. In fact the wind noise masks it. I used to like backpacking and kayak camping but now I have to worry about keeping my ipod charged up. I cannot sleep without it.
    5. Caralyn

      Caralyn Guest

      when you are an anime & japan fan, have two active dogs, go to gigs twice a month and read a good book once in a while you don't really need more hobbies. =o)
    6. Anne

      Anne Member

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      I worked in the county jail for many years which was a very loud atmosphere so my hobbies were 'quiet time' hobbies; gardening, scrapbooking...
      Now my quiet time isn't !
    7. Dexi

      Dexi Guest

      Most of my hobbies are quite solitary (outside of hosting diner parties!). (Sorry so long... I do enjoy life!)

      I do enjoy music of (nearly) all sorts- Van Morrison (and his many incarnations), Blonde Redhead, Yes, Gentle Giant, the gypsy jazz of Django Reinhardt and fingerstyle guitar (Michael Hedges, Tommy Emmanuel, etc.). I love, love, love Jeff Beck- that man plays with his soul. Really music is as necessary as breathing, but just for the love of it, not for any partial masking of my tinnitus.

      Cooking- love to indulge in gourmet cooking and have learned to be absolutely fearless in the kitchen. Have managed to make some amazing meals far nicer than one might find in a fine dining restaurant. No formal training, just a love of food, wine, and nice evenings spent listening to music while cooking and then sharing the meal with friends. I collect recipes like a fiend and love to try new dishes.

      Reading- love to read. Mostly spend time with my "Dead Men Friends". Ptolemy, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Tycho Brahe, etc. Enjoy reading about harmony of the spheres, the inquisition, and the history and philosophy of science and technology (would love to go back to school for that subject alone, but just finished my doctorate in audiology, so need to continue working!). I read a ton of professional stuff and am working on expanding my practice to include some of the more obscure and less popular aspects of audiology (auditory processing disorders/deficits, and tinnitus!). Read mostly non-fiction. But, current fiction book that has captured my attention is "Pride Runs Deep" about a submarine named USS Mackerel set during WWII - very much along the lines of "Hunt for Red October". It is a great story and well-researched.

      Knitting. Love to knit sweaters, socks, mittens, scarves, etc. Very relaxing.

      Writing. I write a lot- mainly on my blog. I also write children's stories and quirky poems, along with a few folk tales.

      So... I guess music, reading, cooking, knitting and writing. Sounds a bit on the tame side, but really, it is all quite exciting!
    8. mock turtle

      mock turtle Member

      puget sound
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      07/26/1992...habituated after 2 years; 11/04/11 new outbreak
      i play nylon string guitar...some folk-rock...finger pickin etc...keep the volume low to moderate...it helps me handle T by detracting me from the EEEEEEEEE and the hissssssss and the other sounds that come and go
    9. Karl

      Karl Member Benefactor

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      I enjoy reading. When I ride the train to work, I read technical books related to my work (structural engineering). When I ride home, I read novels. Favorite authors: Lee Childs (Jack Reacher novels), Preston & Childs (Agent Pendergast), Robin Cook, Michael Chricton, Richard Preston, John Grisham,... My wife reads a lot. We like the same types of novels usually.

      I also play piano and guitar. Unfortunately, my tinnitus has really been bumming me out when I listen to music. I like Pat Metheny, Steely Dan, Sting, Suzanne Vega...to name a few. I wouldn't call myself a gospel music fan, but I like Kirk Franklin, who is an amazingly talented composer. His arrangements blow me away. We were listening to a Kirk Franklin CD that I hadn't heard in years, and I almost started crying because of the noise in my head. Tinnitus sucks.

      Prior to getting tinnitus, I was taking jazz guitar lessons. I quit because it was stressing me out, learning to play guitar with the noise in my head. Prior to tinnitus, I enjoyed playing along with my teacher, who is an outstanding guitarist. Now I fool around with the guitar on my own. The guitar is an interesting puzzle to me.
    10. mock turtle

      mock turtle Member

      puget sound
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      07/26/1992...habituated after 2 years; 11/04/11 new outbreak

      id like to encourage you to keep plain your guitar

      i find that the more i "hear" music in my head...an especially, play my guitar...the less i "hear" tinnitus
      maybe thats just me.... but if nothing else..palyin music is at least a distrction

      best wishes
      mock turtle
    11. Karl

      Karl Member Benefactor

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      mt -

      Thanks. I do play guitar, but I no longer take lessons. My teacher placed a lot of pressure on me, which is an issue separate from my tinnitus. I do miss talking to my teacher about music and things. But at $65/hour it was becoming a waste of money, because I couldn't be totally focused.

      I'm happy to hear that you play nylon string guitar. I have a Dobro, which I love. Usually Dobros are played using a slide, which I don't do. I like the Dobro because it resonates and almost sounds like an electric. It has a very cool sound.

      You're absolutely right that playing guitar makes us hear the tinnitus less. It's nearly impossible to simultaneously think about playing music and listen to the stupid tinnitus.

      - Karl
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    12. Lorrie

      Lorrie Guest

      I play guitar as well. I'm in a Celtic group and music is my main hobby. I love reading too. Actually it was playing in a band (trumpet) that gave me tinnitus in the first place. We should all start up a group then, The Tinnitus Troubadours.
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    13. CGT80

      CGT80 Member

      California, USA
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      triggered by Infection/wax, history of noise exposure
      First time poster here. I decided to sign up to post here. I'll post my story in the appropriate section later.

      The hobby I do most often is target shooting and competitive pistol shooting. T can interfere a little. When wearing ear plugs or ear muffs the T is more noticeable. For pistol shooting, I often wear custom made ear plugs with filters that allow me to hear people talk more easily and then electronic muffs over the top to reduce noise more. I turn the volume up on the muffs. This seems to block a great deal of the gunfire noise but still allows me to have a conversation with the people near me.

      When I fire full power loads in my Smith 460 XVR pistol, I use better non-electronic muffs over my plugs. That pistol puts some rifles to shame in regards to noise and concussion. I limit the use of full power loads, and usually use lighter loads that are average sounding and very comfortable to shoot.
    14. DezDog

      DezDog Member Benefactor

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      No interference here, but when in the studio with my earplugs in, I tend to listen for the T and then it sounds really loud! Mainly because I can't hear any external sound with them in (provided drummer isn't "tuning" his ****ing drums). Not many other hobbies, perhaps running, no interference there either, but exercise tends to make it seem louder.
    15. dianerose

      dianerose Member

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      Music in my car.... makes me forget I have this and I feel like I did before I got it!!!! It took me years to put my head back in water (I had the theory something got into my ear via lake water, which started the virus initially that left me with T).... now I swim again/I don't know bout the theory.... in a pool... I enjoy that. I play soccer. When I initially start the season, the next day I feel like my head is in a tin cup....metal on a filling.... the tinnitus is wicked, but by the end of the season Im good. Exercise helps the sleep....without it I have sleeping problems, so its crucial to me.... although I feel tired with this, I try my best. Hot Yoga... again the T gets worse at first when I leave it for a while. My concentration is ok.... I read, but its harder than before I got it. Im self employed so I try to space my day out so as not to get overwhelmed.... thats a sure fire to increased T/anxiety. Sometimes I just want to be alone, but you know its better when you have happiness.... people around. I enjoy sleep.... when I first got this all peace and sleep were ripped from me so now I just enjoy being able to. Funny thing when we sleep its not there and in our memories of events inwhich we know we had the T, its not there.
    16. dianerose

      dianerose Member

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      Oh.... if it sounds loud.... talk on the phone....instant decrease
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    17. PingoJack

      PingoJack Member

      Gothenburg, Sweden
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      I like to travel, draw and read. I took the opportunity to do a lot of traveling during my doctoral studies, which where in the Earth sciences. Favorite places so far is Death Valley and Svalbard, places of extremes. I have been to Svalbard many times spending weeks hiking the glaciers, vast valleys and shore plains (and perform field investigations). Its been hard physical work, but still it felt like holiday everytime. The presence of polar bears also spiced things up :) The grand sceneries has been very helpful for me, and I have never felt more alive like on Svalbard. It's also quite a windy place which helps to relax from my T. I will soon begin my postdoc and Svalbard will be the place for field studies again.

      Reading has gone quite well and I usually read novells on the train to and back from work. I had great difficulties to read at my onset of T and that was one of my greatest sorrows. It took a couple of years to habituate but I can now read in complety quiet environments as well, it just takes a little bit more effort. At work, however, I usually have my speakers on. Spotify has been helpful there, when you can choose and pick whatever music or song fits the situation best.
    18. Juice564

      Juice564 Member

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      I like engines. My '89 Camaro is my main hobby. However I did buy a project jet ski last summer for fun. Staying focused on a project like these helps me to forget my tinnitus. Needless to say I also pulled out the big stereo I once had in the car, no need for it anymore :(

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    19. Cher69

      Cher69 Member Benefactor

      York, UK
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      I think we all like finding out what makes us all tick - so after Hudsons impressive catch the other day and him sharing his hobby of fishing - lets share what things we do to relax and enjoy our free time etc ? Anything interesting I bet we have some unusual hobbies or past times out there ?

      I also think this will show us all that we all can lead normal lives with T !

      I will start the ball rolling ......

      I play the piano to grade 7 Ok Im stuck at grade 7 and have not progressed since I was a teenager - I gave up playing when in my teens I discovered boy's (your a hard habit to break lol ) and back in the 80's cider - which Im glad to see is popular again !!! A few years ago I took up lessons again and got myself back upto grade 7 but not willing to now put myself through exams Im happy where I am.

      So what do you do for fun ? Or what would you like to do maybe someone on here can offer some help to fulfil a secret ambition ?? Cher x
    20. Lulubug69

      Lulubug69 Member

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      Thought I'd bring this original post back to life...
      I love to Crochet, bake, paint and draw, take walks in nature. I try to continue to do all the things that make me happy. I love music and still turn the music on. It's sad that many of us stop doing the very things that bring us the most joy. I have found that continuing to do what makes me happy is the very thing that keeps me sane. I wish that for everyone to be able to back into their life fully again.
    21. MissionForTheCure

      MissionForTheCure Member

      Tinnitus Since:
      I love to play golf, it's nice and peaceful and a game that demands good concentration. Current handicap is 6 and I try not to let my T interfere while i'm playing, why should it!

      It's a nice way to unwind on the weekend!
    22. christine kauhane

      christine kauhane Member

      honolulu hawaii
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      june 9th 2013
      i love singing ! and spending the days with my children and husband.... but my hobbies would be going for long walk when the sun is setting on the beach on a cool brezzy evening... can that be a hobbie lol..
    23. nills

      nills Member Benefactor

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      Cause of Tinnitus:
      acoustic trauma
      I studied Zen shiatsu and yes i feel T interferes alot ... I had to stop doing it actually, cause with Shiatsu you have to be empty, like in a meditation ... and focus attention on the energy and body of the patient. But yeah, hard to have attention on subtle things when there`s a kettle going of in your ear :( :)
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    24. Stina

      Stina Member Benefactor

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      Just thought we all could get to know each other better and share our interests and hobbies beside T-research:) Ill start! I used to play the piano from the ages 7-15. I have no musical hearing whatsoever so I really hated playing it, did it mostly because my parents wanted to. After stopping playing the piano I did Pilates for 3 years and after that took up Ashtanga Yoga. Now I have stuck to the last one. Since I spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer I get a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders and yoga takes it all away.
      I also try to do some voluntary work. I have been involved in a program called "Older Brother/Older Sister" for around 3 years. The idea of the program is to create a trusting relationship with a child and help them overcome their problems. My "child" is currently already 16 years old but we still go out and have fun. I also volunteer in a local prison and give pastoral care but that is more like a practice in order to actually use the knowledge gained at the Uni.
      In addition to this I love reading books (currently reading Murdoch's "Under the Net" and watching series and movies.
      So what about you?
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    25. Denny

      Denny Member

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      Jan 2013
      I use to play Guitar, Bass and keyboards (piano) and fiddle with drums. Guitar was my main instrument
      for over 30 years. I taught my daughters Piano. Music was always a hobby i loved since childhood. I have
      totally given it up I do not play anything anymore I gave away a Marshall amp to a friend and i stopped
      teaching my kids. I do not listen to anything anymore or watch videos on youtube. I have completely given up
      music. I also had plans to buy a friends classic corvette and completely rebuild it. I abandoned that too. They say as you go thru life you slowly give up all things that you love.
    26. Liesel

      Liesel Member

      Tinnitus Since:
      I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and I still make a point to practice when I can. It can still completely obsess me when an idea strikes. Until I get a hand cramp, that is!

      Video games are my main passion these days, and one of the few activities I often do with friends. I love immersive games with a good story.

      Hiking is my physical activity of choice. Nothing getting like getting a little lost in the wilderness. Don't get to do this very often now that I've moved away from the mountains.

      The three things above have been great to take my mind off of tinnitus! I definitely went through a period where I was so depressed I had abandoned the things I loved. Went almost a month without touching a video game. Slowly found me way back in though, and I'm so glad for that.

      The one hobby I'm still struggling to recover is reading. Nothing like curling up in bed on a quiet evening with a book. Much harder with tinnitus. Slowly been regaining my ability to concentrate, but it's tough.
    27. Ishank

      Ishank Member

      Tinnitus Since:
      My hobbies -
      # Playing Snooker
      # Playing video games
      # I am a movie buff ( I want to watch Martin Scorese's " The Wolf of Wall Street", but not going to theater because I am scared that my T could get louder :( )
      # Reading books (any kind) and magazines.
      Magazine subscriptions of last four months.


      # Reading tech and other blogs that I've subscribed on Feedly .
      # I also love to watch biographies, science and history stuff on YouTube.
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    28. Logan

      Logan Member

      Tinnitus Since:
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Ear infection
      I love playing video games the most probably, it keeps me distracted from my tinnitus since I am more distracted. But I also really like to watch movies and tv, I have really liked watching movies then past few months. I guess since it is distracting the same way video games are. The Walking Dead is my favorite tv show so I don't really go a day without thinking about it, I can't wait till February! I also watch Youtube videos all the time, mostly gaming videos. But besides that I don't really do much else, I don't like any sports or anything like that and I never really have. I don't go to a lot of places either because most places are pretty loud. But tinnitus doesn't effect the things I like doing thankfully.
    29. Haru

      Haru Member

      Tinnitus Since:
      I write, I compose, I'm into digital arts, and I love doing anything involving the sea: Swim, dive, boat trips, walk on the beach...I plan to write a story about tinnitus. I think it can be a good way to get people to know about our problem.

      About composing, I'm dead scared tinnitus will take away some of my ability to do so because of hearing loss. I can't feel the music the way I'm used to with my T-ear and it drives me crazy...The kind of crazy you put your head between your hands and you scream silently. I torture myself listening to things first with my left ear and then with right...Oh and I'm big on anime and manga. Even if I'm 30, the love doesn't go away. I find it embarrasing because I never met any female who has a similar lifestyle to mine and is still into "nerdy stuff" like this. People should see me dancing to cute anime music at home, hahah.
    30. Haru

      Haru Member

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      I'm also scared of going to the movies! What to do? We can't postpone it forever...I thought of wearing the right side of my earphone when I go to the theatre since my T is on the right side.

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