What Kind of Tinnitus Do I Have?

Discussion in 'Support' started by MarcF, Sep 30, 2016.

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      I am new to the forum, and am trying to get a basic rough idea of what kind of tinnitus I have (if that makes sense). I would like to know this in order to better target possible treatment.

      Basically, I hear a constant hiss in my left ear. The hiss is kind of like the background noise crickets make at night. It is there all the time, but it can be drowned out by other noises, or by my ignoring it. Also, I can modify the volume by opening my mouth, by moving my lower jaw forward, or by turning my head towards the right at full range of motion (it only rises in volume as I am nearing full range). Each time I do one of those three things, the volume goes up. I should mention that I have had this for a very long time, but am not sure exactly how long since I basically ignored it for many years (it is not super loud unless the room is very quiet and I focus hard on it). I accidentally "discovered" I had tinnitus through searching other health issues online, and stumbled across it. It was a bit of a shocker to realize that a constant hiss in one's head is not normal!

      Anyways, are these symptoms consistent with the type of tinnitus that might have been cause by a physical problem, such as TMJ, blocked eustachian tubes, or other? A doctor has already looked inside my outer ear with an otoscope and found no evidence of wax blockage, inflammation, or any issues with my ear drum.

      Many thanks for any informed replies!
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      @MarcF Tinnitus comes in many forms and intensities and no two people experience it the same. It is generated in the head but most people experience it in the head and ears. Sometimes the noise seems to come from one ear but ultimately it's coming from the head. High pitched hissing, buzzing and ringing are common but there are many other sounds. Tinnitus is defined by a noise within the head that isn't coming from an outside sound source.
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      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk.
      Have your dentist rule out TMJ as it sounds as could be a new or back problem causing your tinnitus....lots of love glynis

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