What Treatment Do I Need to Get My Hearing Back?

Discussion in 'Support' started by albert aldridge, Dec 4, 2014.

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      Hi, my name is Albert Aldridge and I am a new member. I was hoping that anyone could provide me with some advice on a problem I have, whether they have had it before or if they know what has happened to my ear and how it can be cured.

      My hearing has been perfectly fine up until recently. I was outside chopping wood with an axe, and I chopped a piece of wood which produced a very sudden, loud noise. After this, my left ear has been ringing constantly ever since and people's voices sound distorted, especially in loud groups/environments and it has been really getting me down.

      I would appreciate anyone who might know what has happened to my ear and what treatment they had to gain back their normal hearing.

      I must add that I have been working very late recently because of assignments due, not getting much sleep (about 3-5 hours each night), and have been very stressed. Could this be contributing to my hearing loss and do you think my hearing will come back if I de-stress and get into a regular sleeping pattern?

      Many thanks,

      Albert Aldridge
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      Welcome Albert,

      When did this wood chopping incident happen? In November, but exactly when?

      Have you had your hearing professionally tested? Can you post a picture of your audiogram here? Possibly seen an ENT?

      Sometimes steroids may help, but the treatment should be started within 24 hours of the auditory insult or so.

      Likewise Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The sooner, the better.

      You could try N-Acetylcysteine. Results vary. Its effects are more preventative in nature though.

      Reversing hearing loss is currently still generally considered impossible or difficult, but there are alternative treatments like LLLT that you may try (@attheedgeofscience knows more about this).

      I'm sure others here have more ideas and advice for you.

      Best wishes,
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      Thanks markku for the quick reply :)
      i was wrong, the incident actually happened i think on roughly, October 25th and i thought nothing of it until recently, it become progressively worse and worse which made me more stressed. i was hoping that it could be linked to my bad stress as well. i have been very down about it so the doctor has put me on citalopram pills that should reduce my anxiety. hopefully this will help me to relax, and as i relax, maybe my hearing will come back.........
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      Acoustic trauma - Repeated gun blasts

      Some of our ears are more tender than others. It sounds like you suffered an acoustic trauma. I too have tender ears and on a hunting trip seven years ago had a very similar thing happen to me. My right ear rings 24/7 and all sounds I hear in my right ear are distorted (like a broken speaker or "static"). Things sound "buzzy". I actually had my hearing tested yesterday and I have perfect normal threshold hearing. Most tests do not measure clarity so you will have to ask for this specifically. I've dealt with the distorted hearing for seven years, and while it is annoying I try and make the best out of it.

      As Markku said, your injury is still relatively recent. Cellular death in the ears can be a prolonged process; so you still have some hope of correcting things somewhat. Give yourself time to heal...it may return to normal but it could take up to 6 months. Markku made some great suggestions, I highly recommend the steroid treatment if you can get to an ear specialist immediately (this can be considered a medical emergency). Hyperbaric oxygen treatment may also help but they are extremely costly and mostly reserved for absolute life or death situations. But if you have access to one it is worth a try.

      Main thing is to relax. Your hearing may, or may not improve. It think you will see some degree of improvement over the next six months but even if you do not you will certainly become habituated to the ringing and the distorted hearing. A lot of other people, including many on this forum, have suffered similar injuries and live productive, happy lives.
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      Too Loud Indoor Rock Concert
      I see Albert was last online a day after @OptimusPrimed posted on dec 5 2014. I wonder what happened to Albert? Can wood breaking from axe impact ever be as loud as a gunshot?
      What's everyone guess? (Yes I am using this a distraction)

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