Which of My Meds (Nortriptyline, Doxycycline, Topomax) Is Most Likely Ototoxic?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Coyotesheaven, Sep 27, 2016.

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      Well, it's Monday and my hearing is still dipping dramatically in both ears as the hours go by, and I have had more T spikes than I have ever counted. Can barely hear anything low frequency sounds that were loud and terrifying to me just two weeks ago, and the waterfall noise in my ears has not died down in intensity. Guess this is the living the worst nightmare part of my life; I don't even know what wasteland of an earth I woke up to this morning when everything was so beautiful just 2 days before. I'm pretty much losing hope as the local ENT's are not taking my sudden hearing loss seriously, and my ear doctor out in California is also not helping me or replying to my urgent messages since 'a very long time ago'.

      Right now I am now more convinced than ever that one of my prescription medications is to blame for the rapid hearing loss I have been experiencing, given that all of this started around the time I took certain medications. My doctor, who prescribes two of the medications, has also not replied to any of my questions regarding the potential ototoxicity of the drugs I am on, and none of his staff have called me back for the 3-4 messages I have left them with, which has made me very suspicious that something really is up.

      That being said, if there is anyone who can help me sort through some of this, I will greatly appreciate it.

      These are the 3 suspect drugs I take or had taken, all of which I have ceased to take as of this morning.
      I've read anecdotal stories of all of these drugs causing ototoxic reactions in people, but I can't exactly tell which one it is:

      -50 mg of nortryptyline every night (I used to be on 100 mg around mid August) starting around July 27
      -300 mg of doxycycline/day-Started them Saturday morning and have stopped as of this morning.
      -25-75 mg topomax/day-Started on 25 mg Sept. 3, and then 50 mg Sept 9-15, and then 25 mg again Sept. 17-22

      Do any of these drugs have an ototoxic potential, and given my time spent taking them, do they look like they could have done lasting damage to me?

      Thanks again for any help you guys can offer. It means a great deal right now...

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