Which of the Following Do You Think Caused My Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Everyloop, Apr 17, 2014.

    1. Everyloop

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      It seems there are a few things that may have caused it, based on what I have read about the possible causes.

      1) A few months prior to the onset of my Tinnitus, which is only in my right ear, I was doing some exercises every day which last for a little over 14 minutes and are from martial arts, and are basically series of movements performed with total muscle tension all over the body for the whole thing, so imagine doing various strikes and kicks, slowly while tensing every muscle as hard as you can. I wonder if the increased tension did soetthing to the muscles in my neck which causesd the dTinnitus.

      2) A few motnhs priort o it starting, I was also stretching a lot. I would spend hours each day sitting on the floor with my goal being to do the splits, and I would sit like that while watching TV in an effort to help my body get used to being in that position. It's possible that I had my neck tilted back at a asharp angle, and I read a post on this forum about someone who had the noise in their ear start after a dental procedure where they were laying with their head back for hours.

      3) A few weeks prior to it stepping into my ear, I had two incidents on the same night involving my right ear. The first one was at a jam session where I leaned over to grab something right as a guy was warming up and a loud sound hit me in the right ear, granted the amp was pretty far away and it wasn't even a big amp, and then later that night I opened a beer bottle with a cork and it was right next to my right ear, and I noticed that everything sounded a bit softer for a few seconds after that. All of the 3 ear doctors I went to said that it is unlikely that it would be caused by acoustic trauma that took place more than a day or so before it started, and these things happened much more than that.

      At first I thought it was probably the loud noises in my right ear, but now I wonder if ti was the exercising that caused it, since there was a lot of effort involved in that. I havn't done that workout since it began.
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      Hey sorry that you've developed t I don't think any of us can diagnose the cause but from what you said I don't think things involving exercise would have caused it. Many people develop t later in life after years of noise exposure from their youth so I think it is possible that noise exposure is the culprit. I'm no doctor, wish I could be more helpful.
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    3. Penelope33

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      It could have been the movements you were doing, for sure, lots of people think if you were exposed to any sort of noise then that's gotta be it but I'm sure that if you think it was the movements you did then that you nye be right esp if that was new to your body .
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      Noise exposure
      It could very well be the neck movements you were doing theres plenty of stories of people developing T from whiplash incidents but at the end of the day youll probably never find out what caused it most people dont.
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    5. Stina

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      I agree with Bill. The most important things are 1) not to stress 2) get good sleep 3) sstay away from loud noise 4) be careful with ototoxic meds 5) stop monitoring it and looking for a reason.
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      I'm sorry you developed t. I don't know if exercise caused it--I used to run long distances and never had a problem--but I've seen that people get it after head and/or neck injuries. Try not to worry about why you got it. For two months I blamed myself and made myself crazy. I thought it was my antihistimines, my allergies, that I used to smoke, that I chewed nicorette. Turned out that I was diagnosed with age related hearing loss and I was under enormous stress for three years that may have triggered the t. I'll never know for sure. I just had to let it go and I did. Why I got it is now irrelevant to me. What Stina says is so true...try to stay calm, sleep at least 7 or 8 hours a night (use masking if you need to) and read how the veterans here are living good lives.
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      Everyloop... As mentioned, in the end we just have to deal with the T in ways that work for us. Often that means finding out what does not work. Like maybe creating spikes, etc. due to some variable.
      However, finding out what might have caused your tinnitus is a valid thing to question in my view, as 'wisdom' can lead to avoidance of more such instances, and also offer potential routes for help or 'treatment'.

      First question. Were you taking ANY meds, supplements, herbal remedies, over-the-counter pills, street drugs, whatever around the time you first got your tinnitus? Say within the prior week or so?

      Second question. Had you noticed any subtle changes in 'hearing', ears, fullness, whatever, when doing these 'exercises' or after starting them? Think back. It's most likely to have been totally shined off by your conscious mind at the time. Hardly even recognized or acknowledged. But in retrospect can you recall any such thing?

      Third question. Had you been sick in any way in the prior few weeks, especially anything to do with sinus or respiratory system?

      Sorry, I can't offer much more at this point as nothing on your Profile or Information page, so shooting from the hip here. After I know the answer to the questions above I will throw my two cents in to what may have had a causal impact on your T and offer some possible directions to follow.

      Best to you... Zimichael
    8. AUTHOR

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      No supplements or anything other than a low dose of clonidine which I have been on for years and is not ototoxic.

      No changes in hearing prior to the popping of the cork which made things appear different for a bit.

      No sick or anything prior to it.
    9. AUTHOR

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      The only thing I can think about is it might have been that I was drinking alcohol ( a few beers) a few nights between the loud impact and when it started, including the night before, so myabe my ear was a bit altered and the alcohol didn't help anything.
    10. Andrew Bailey

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      noise damage - caused by a power tool.
      I don't honestly think a few beers would have anything to do with you getting tinnitus!

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