Why Do I Keep Hearing Tinnitus in My Dreams?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ava Lugo, Jul 21, 2021.

    1. Ava Lugo

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      I see most people don't hear tinnitus in dreams and I'm wondering why I'm having dreams of hearing it in dreams. Even people who say their tinnitus is severe and unmaskable say they never hear it in dreams.

      I have had my severe intrusive reactive tinnitus for almost 2 years and I hear it all the time. I have dreams where I don't hear it but lately have been hearing it in dreams, sometimes 3 nights in a row.

      I also couldn't sleep well last night even with Melatonin. I don't feel afraid of it but it does drive me crazy an awful lot since I hear it all the time.

      Any way I can stop dreaming about tinnitus? I just want some relief and peace.
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    2. Marcuso22

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      Loud prolonged exposure to alarm system
      Did you have sound therapy treatment of any kind prescribed by an audiology clinic during those two years or see a CBT therapist?
      Before getting ready for bed engage in an activity that brings you enjoyment.
    3. Steph1710
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      Antibiotics - I think
      My tinnitus is moderate, and has been severe at times. I have definitely had periods where I’ve heard it in my sleep. I remember saying to my partner once that I can’t even escape it when I sleep!

      I think it actually has more to do with how you process thoughts and dreams, rather than being able to actually hear it. I have always had very vivid and detailed dreams which I remember when I wake up.

      With tinnitus, I think because it was on my mind 24/7, that my subconscious was locking into it when I slept. Once I started to habituate, I stopped hearing it in my dreams.

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    4. Vicki14

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      @Ava Lugo, I understand your frustration. I too have a similar problem and have many times been woken by my tinnitus. It’s frustrating as it’s the only real respite that you get from 24/7 noise and I agree, it’s utterly exhausting!!! x
    5. Exit

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      I think you’re either not completely asleep when hearing it, or thinking about it too much daytime.

      I think about acoustic traumas, and very often dream about those awful situations...
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    6. Mister Muso

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      Loud music
      I've never experienced tinnitus in my dreams, but occasionally I have been aware of my hyperacusis in my dreams, and of the need to be careful around loud noises.
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