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Discussion in 'Support' started by Pb1, Jan 30, 2016.

    1. Pb1

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      Hi everyone,

      I'm in a bit of a tricky situation now were I was in-between jobs when I got this Tinnitus and the job that I used to do can be quite a noisy environment.

      So the problem I've got now is I'm having to face the reality of trying to find somewhere quite to work / or maybe something outdoors but reletively quite and I really just don't know what kind of a job to try to go for.

      It would be really great if some of the people on this forum could let me know what kind of jobs they do for work and how it effects them.

      Thanks very much for any replies!
    2. Bobby B

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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      what kind of job and how noisy ?
    3. Pb1

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      Hi Bobby B,

      I used to work around aircraft. It can be quite noisy unfortunately when aircraft are taxying past, or just in general.

      I could wear earplugs / ear defenders but I couldn't really wear them all the time and the chances of accidently being subjected to quite high noise levels are considerable.

      It's a really tricky problem because I don't want to basically write off the whole of the rest of my life and be afraid to be subjected to noise, but then again I'm afraid of making it worse.

      Ideally I'd like some kind of job that's going to give me a sense of satisfaction that I've contributed to society in some small way but doesn't send the T into overdrive.

      It would be really good to find out what others on this forum do just to give me some ideas.
    4. linearb

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      I do software test engineering for a mid-sized company. Great work if you're into sitting in front of a computer 40 hours a week (though, the further I get in my career, the more "coding" gets offset by "meetings", *sigh*)
    5. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      I work in a school and gets really noisy at dinnertime with 2-300 children .
      I am like a town crier shouting and ringing a big brass bell lots of times getting each class in for dinner,dinner time clubs and in for lessons.
      Indoor play too.
      I am also a first aider seeing to injuries.
      My job is so noisy but love it so much ....lots of love glynis
    6. Pb1

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      Thanks for your replies! It's a tricky one isn't it whether to just try to ignore it and push on with what you want to do, or whether to make concessions for it and let it effect your life even more than it already does.

      I guess realistically as long as your working environment is below about 85 decibels then there shouldn't be any risk of hearing damage and so really the tinnitus shouldn't get any worse, but then we all know that tinnitus doesn't seem to obey any rules.

      I really don't want to let it take over my life but then again I really don't want to make it even worse either.
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    7. Pb1

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      Hey Glynis,

      Good on you for not letting it stop you from what you want to do :)
    8. Sgguy46

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      i work too. If i do not work, i think i will suffer more.
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