Worrying About the Future, Such as Buying a House etc

Discussion in 'Support' started by geg1992, Oct 25, 2015.

    1. geg1992

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      Hi All,

      Although I am pretty much habituated to T - my life is pretty much back to normal (touch wood), I am very scared for the future. I will be looking to buy a house in two years time. I'm scared about my T increasing, losing my job or being unable to work and then getting in a lot of financial trouble. Is this just stupid thinking or am I being realistic? It's been fairly stable since I got it, although decreased massively in the first month after steroids.

      Realistically, I guess if I protect my ears like I do now, there's no reason it should get signicantly worse? I mean I know there's ear infections, cancer etc which could cause implications, but on a whole, many people live with mild T without really realising and there's stays the same? I mean there's million of people in the UK like that?

      Any thoughts are much appreciated!
    2. glynis

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      Try not to worry about the future and tinnitus and look forward to building yourself a lovely life.

      We dont know whats around the corner so live each day trying to be positive and go for what you want in life as thats all everyone can do.
      Lots of love glynis
    3. suera

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      I wouldn't worry either, enjoy...well not enjoy ;) but be glad the mild T is what you have and assume it'll stay that way. Live while you can!!:)
    4. Sound Wave

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      You can not control the future nor can you change the past. So why worry about them?
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      its good to worry about the future @geg1992 and think ahead that way you could always be ready for any challenges youre expected to face , what youre thinking rn is actually a good way to think to plan ahead and expect any challenges dont listen to " live for now and let time do the rest" that way youll actually get really dissapointed WHEN or IF things get tough

      anyway how was youre trip to tokyo man?
    6. noisebox

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      You are right to consider the future but as we know anything can happen. You could worry about T and get something else.
      Having said that I worry too. My T was stable for nearly 3 years and then a bad set of events, non of which were noise related brought it back with H. We can never be sure.
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    7. I who love music

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      Hey, I bought a house, worked 34 years, raised two kids, had a lot of fun, played a lot of music. Life's been good. It's the T that stinks, not life.
    8. derpytia

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      I say try not to worry too much but do not be completely carefree. I made that mistake after I almost habituated the first time and boom, mine got worse. So keep your stress down and go out and live your life but always always always be as cautious as you can.
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    9. linearb

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      People without tinnitus have more or less the same fears. It's very normal...
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