Would Wearing Earplugs 24/7 for a Year Help with the Nerve Repair Process?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Pharz, May 6, 2022.

    1. xyz

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      2006 mild T 2019 T worsening H onset
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      unknown / probably noise induced
      It has improved. So sounds like kitchen fans and running faucet don't annoy me as much. Most improvement I am aware of is with computer audio. 2020 0.5 h of Teams conference gave me burning ear pain and now after 2 h I may have some slight ear tingling sensations. Clearly I try to reduce those exposures as much as possible still. I am not sure if it is the 24/7 ear protection or the Magnesium & Potassium supplements, but both have certainly helped. On the other hand I am nowhere near on writing a success story here. If I would drive with my car without foam earplugs and noise cancelling headphones, my tinnitus would probably still spike like crazy.
      My tinnitus made me in 2020 very sleep deprived. Now I would say it is mild to moderate and I get 7 h of sleep.
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      That’s wonderful. I would love to protect 24/7 but just the amount I have been is causing lower sound tolerance for me. Hyperacusis is very individual.
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    3. Marshall

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      Not sure/virus/noise trauma/cumulative noise damage
      That’s what happened to me as well. Tinnitus should be one of the world wonders.
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    4. David S

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      I think that you can actually have less tinnitus by overprotecting your partly broken high frequency tiny hair cells. But what kind of a life will that be in the long run?

      The alternative might be a little bit more tinnitus but much less protection and constant worries. In the end, hopefully the perceived tinnitus will be less as well.

      I am going from overprotecting to constant sound enrichment. It is not easy but as I see it I have no other choice. Once the process is over I just have to accept the tinnitus I am left with.

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