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May 23, 2021
Aug 6, 2020
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13 Months in. Nothing changed so far. May 23, 2021

Zaimon was last seen:
May 23, 2021
    1. gameover
      Curious how are you doing. You have not logged in in a long time.
      1. TindalosKeeper
        Don't expect a response any time soon.
        Most people who have habituated or fixed things themselves via Hearing Aids and any other alternative won't come back unless they leave with a final update.
        Nobody would try to come in fear of a relapse, if I were them.
        I'd stay in the community if I am fixed, though.
        Instead, ask people last seen recently :)
        Apr 20, 2023
      2. gameover
        I am just afraid people like Zaimon are dead :(
        Apr 21, 2023
    2. Zaimon
      13 Months in. Nothing changed so far.
      1. Sayeed
        I've read your posts and I know it's hard. You made it this far. It sucks but you and survived and are alive. Hey it might get better. Glass half full yea?
        May 23, 2021
    3. Zaimon
      1^I love weekend spikes <3. You work the whole week, get 2 days to relax aaaaand your Tinnitus decides to be a fucken asshole
      1. Ryan Jones, LilSass and Steph1710 like this.
    4. Zaimon
      So fucking loud again today. Great Sunday!!
      1. LilSass and Daniel Lion like this.
      2. BrOKeN_1
        Jan 17, 2021
    5. LilSass
      Hi Zaimon! Mine is the same, random quiet and loud days - talk about anxiety! It's been one year and I'm still not sure how to deal sometimes. Here's hoping things improve.
      1. Zaimon
        Thank you for the kind response. I find it much harder to habituate to that ever changing randomness. I really wish that It would become a constant noise so I can start habituating to it..
        Nov 13, 2020
        LilSass and Steph1710 like this.
      2. LilSass
        Agreed! Although I enjoy the quiet days I wonder too if it would be easier to habituate - not like we have a choice!. I'm going to try hypnosis just to see if it will help to relax me more. I'll let you know how it goes. <3
        Nov 13, 2020
    6. Zaimon
      7 Months Tinnitus annual day - No improvement yet. It's completely random if I get a mild day or a loud day. This sucks.
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      2. Zaimon
        @Ricardo1991 This is something I have read very often. Funny thing is, I tried EXACTLY this starting November 1st. I didn't track my T anymore and just tried to accept it, hoping it would make it more bearable. But somehow it feels like November is a very loud month so far.
        Nov 13, 2020
        Ricardo1991 likes this.
      3. Zaimon
        I started tracking it because I want to see if it gets better over long time. But that randomness just won't go away.I am nevertheless still hoping that a portion of my damaged hair cells will eventually recover. I know it is a very long process and it can take years.
        Nov 13, 2020
        Ricardo1991 likes this.
      4. Ricardo1991
        Ya definitely, it could happen! I'm actually experiencing a spike since this weekend. Not sure what triggered it but probably stress. However, i'm okay.
        Nov 17, 2020
    7. Zaimon
      Silent Sunday until a MASSIVE spike hit me in the afternoon. Fuck this...
      1. aot likes this.
      2. just1morething
        Aug 10, 2020
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