A Weird Machine-Like Tinnitus Sound That Goes Away When I Plug My Ears

Discussion in 'Support' started by Merlin7, Feb 10, 2021.

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      Have no idea, probably loud sounds.
      So to give you some little background information: I have had tinnitus for approx 4-5 years now and I've been feeling really great last 3.5 years or so. I was so habituated to my tinnitus that it never bothered me, not even at night when I was about to sleep.

      BUT! 1-2 weeks ago, while sitting at home watching TV at 1 am, I started to hear this machine like sound, I don't know how to explain it. At first I was 100% certain the sound came from my TV or my PlayStation. When I turned them off I noticed the sound was still there. I went into another room and the sound was there too... so I figured ok, this is a new form of tinnitus.

      But the strange part about this new tinnitus, or whatever it is, is that when I plug my ears, the sound stops immediately. The moment I unplug my ears, the sound starts again. Shouldn't tinnitus behave in the exact opposite way?

      I'm going for walks every night at the lake. And when it's not windy, it's extremly quiet down there. And everytime I am down at the lake and stand still and listen, I can only hear my original tinnitus which I've had for years, but this new machine like sound doesn't exist at all. The moment I get home (into my room) I hear this DUUUUU sound again, but there are no external source for this sound.

      Anyone experienced something similar? Any theories as to what this can be? Tinnitus shouldn't just disappear when you plug your ears, it should become even more noticeable, but this new tone simply disappears when I plug my ears plus. Plus, I can't hear it at all when I'm at other quiet places.

      Thanks in advance and hugs.
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      2017- mild /Sept. 2020-moderate
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      meds/acoustic trauma
      You are correct. When you plug your ears the auditory system does not have any other sounds to focus on but the tinnitus. I wonder if it could be vascular in nature?

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      There is a thread about low frequency tinnitus, where some people share their experience about something similar to this.

      I do have a machine like sound, which comes and goes, and disappears while I'm covering or plugging my ears with my finger, talking, humming, yawning. Earplugs don't make it stop. I've been to 7 ENTs, they didn't have a clue. I am convinced that it's some underlying physical problem. My guesses are: atypical Middle Ear Myoclonus, Eustachian Tube problems, something vascular, or something somatic.

      But mine does not behave differently depending on the place I am. If you only hear it in your home, maybe yours is actually external.

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