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    1. Anne

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      Hi! Was going thru a rough time of my husband being in the hospital this past October. Noticed one day that I had a loud 'humming in my head. Sometimes it is 'helicopers hoovering' or 'water boiling'. Thought I was getting a head cold/ear infection. Tried over the counter sinus meds to no avail. Finally made appt and the Dr. said it was tinnitus.
      Having a real hard time adjusting to this. Sometimes it is so loud that I cannot hear 'real' sounds.
      Keeping me up at night and just exausting me. Feel like I am at my wits end.
      I have another appt and am going to try anti-anxiety meds to see if that helps.
      People don't understand the torment of this condition.
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      Hi Anne.

      Nice of you to join in and share.

      We know... this is not fun!

      Check out some posts and threads - look around. You may find some comfort or at least you won't feel alone with this T thing!

      We are hear to listen if you feel like venting.
    3. meital james

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      Hi Anne...
      I'm sorry you were diagnoes with Tinnitus...I advice you to do your best to find the real cause for it in your case, it's your best chance of getting a good and effective treatment. Good luck to you!
    4. calin

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      Oct 2011
      Wow - there is treatment?

      Please share what treatments there are. Are there cures?
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      Hi Anne,

      I understand the torment as well as anybody else on this forum. It gets better, I promise. First and foremost stay out of the silence. You need to have some sort of sound to help you not focus on the T. Second, I use anti-anxiety meds as needed, they help me. Good luck....
    6. Darlene

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      If I didn't know better I would think I had written your post (except about your husband). I've had this for about 9 month's & just feel like I've totally lost control. The ringing/echo is sooo shrill. Going to my doctor on Monday. Was told I'll be sent to the ENT.
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      Darlene, Anne, ....everybody.

      Yeah, tinnitus sucks. There are ways to cope. Look into getting a masking device. If you can't buy a masker, or if you want to see what it's like: Mask the sound by listening to white noise on an IPod. The white noise will give you some relief.

      Most importantly, get sleep. Use medications, if necessary, to get good sleep.

      Today, I'm down myself. Had to go home from work early, but the quite in the house really bothers me. I will be getting an MRI in a couple of weeks. Since my tinnitus is on one side, there may be an underlying medical cause. Freaking out a little.

      I will be flying 16 hours to a project that we are working on in the Pacific. I dread going. Will be in meetings all week. Talk about stress.
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      hi anne has your tinnitus improved jack

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