Any Others with Reactive Tinnitus / Hyperacusis Watch Movies on Mute?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ava Lugo, Dec 3, 2020.

    1. Ava Lugo

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      I'm thinking of watching a movie tonight but it's going to be on silent so I'm just going to have subtitles on and read while I watch it with no sound on because my tinnitus is really reactive and competes with voices on TV so it's too distracting to watch with sound.

      It might not be as enjoyable without sound but I miss watching movies.

      I get no physical pain but I hear reactive tinnitus and hyperacusis are connected.

      Anybody on here with hyperacusis or reactive tinnitus that watch TV or movies with sound off and only read subtitles?
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    2. JaiSea

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      I often watch movies without sound because the movie sound often sounds weird and the voices off.
      Also, in some movies, I can hear the voices, but the background music just rasps in my ears.
      The tinnitus rarely interferes with the movie, however the hyperacusis has increased in the last year and I often have to watch with only subtitles.
      I really hope you find a comfort zone with this.

    3. weab00

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      some good mf music
      Nah I just browse Reddit all day.
    4. Juan

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      Several causes
      I used to watch movies with sound on, even with very bad hyperacusis. At that time I could understand perfectly what was said setting minimum volume, but the soundtrack or sound effects would be bothersome, so I would just mute for a brief moment.

      Over the years I developed some hearing loss and now I watch the movies with sound but also with subtitles on, because I can miss parts of the dialogue, or conversations can be masked by noise or sound effects, or overlap and make me lose track.
    5. Mister Muso

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      Loud music
      Some are worse than others. I've been watching Lost recently and what really drives me mad is the orchestra which the show was so proud of, blaring dramatically at the end of every scene. The trombones were the worst! So I often watch that with next to no volume and subtitles, or with my finger over the volume control.
    6. Björn Andersson

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      I have been bothered with reactive Tinnitus since onset of my tinnitus 3,5 years ago. It varies from day to day but has gotten worse and worse with time. I cannot say that I am suffering from hyperacusis

      For example driving my car has become a pain lately as tinnitus reacts quickly and stays loud for a long time afterwards. I also have issues watching TV, longer phone conferences (as my job consists of a lot). It also reacts quickly on physical activity but here it disappears rather quickly after a couple of minutes rest.

      Strangely for me it works much better watching TV/Movies from my laptop with headphones at low volume.

      If I could get rid of this element from my tinnitus I would be at a much better place

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