Basically Cured with Psilocybin

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by the Jalombian, Dec 14, 2017.

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      Unknown, probably headphones
      I got mild tinnitus about one year ago, it didn't bother me after a few months. I did shrooms many times during this year without problems. But when I came down with my first cold since my T began, the sound became unbearable during a mushroom trip. I suddenly noticed that the sound was there, and I haven't been able to "unhear" it since.

      Some thoughts on this.. If my brain had learned to filter away my T, this could have been reset by the mushrooms I'm sure. Psychedelics have a way to make deep changes in the brain by "resetting" the brain, which is why they can cure depression, addictions and so on. But in the case of people that have habituated to their tinnitus, I'm not so sure that it's a good idea to "reset" the brain and hear whatever is there from the beginning. I think years of habituation can be thrown out the window.

      However, since mushrooms can free a person from the fear of death, they could probably free a person from the fear of their own tinnitus. High stakes, high rewards are how these things go. Tread lightly.

      That said, later on during the SAME trip that my tinnitus became unbearable, it also completely went away. Just like many others are reporting. These mushrooms are a mystery, but hopefully we will soon see psychedelics used in clinical settings once again on a broad level. If tinnitus can be alleviated by mushrooms, hopefully we will have scientists and clinicians showing this to be true soon.

      Myself, I don't know if I would dare to take a large dose of mushrooms again if my tinnitus doesn't get better. If I would, I would take a large enough dose to not have a feeling of self that I could associate the T to.

      However, I'll soon experiment on myself with microdosing shrooms (taking very small doses that doesn't make you "high", but that can have tremendous benefits.) If this helps my tinnitus I will report here.

      I love these mushrooms. They cured my addiction to weed and alcohol, they cured my depression and showed me what to do with my life. But I have also made decisions under the influence that I regret to this day. Recording vocals with headphones too loud is one of them, which very well may be the actual reason for the above mentioned spike in my T (separate occasion/trip).

      With Oregon opening up for "medical mushrooms" legally, I expect we will hear much about these fungi in the coming years.
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      I "eat" penis every now and then and it doesn't seem to work :woot:

      hhaha just kidding, good for you that you got better!
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      Loud music, drugs and alcohol (whippets)
      I agree with the above post. I am a 56 year old guitarist who was stupid enough to use whippets a few weeks ago and developed a bad case of tinnitus. I always had ringing in ears and would hear certain frequencies come and go, but after the whippets , it became a permanent hissing sound. It is (was) so bad I thought about suicide. I did a search on internet about mushrooms and tinnitus and found this thread. I happen to love psychedelics and ate a full 1/8th of Brazilian schrooms yesterday figuring I have nothing to lose and I kid you not, the tinnitus is noticeably better. It's as though the frequency changed and it seems so much more tolerable now. Not sure how the brain works but I am telling everyone that is suffering from tinnitus to give schrooms a try. It's like I rebooted my brain. It really is a miracle and I am grateful I found this thread.

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      Any up-date Jalombian?
      I hope you are fine

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