Basically Cured with Psilocybin

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by the Jalombian, Dec 14, 2017.

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      2016-2019 (Mild, Cured) 8/2020 (Severe)
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      Microsuction / Additional Acoustic Trauma in Close Proximity
      If this stuff only increases GABA in the brain it will have the same problem benzos have, which is that your brain will shut down GABA receptors to maintain homeostasis. I believe many people do get relief from microdosing psilocybin, but not sure this is the mechanism.

      I’ve been chasing my friend for a month now to get some to try...
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      Finally had a chance to do another mushroom ceremony (7.5 dried grams P. Cubensis). During the experience, I detected no symptoms of tinnitus (once I was able to notice my physical body again). After the experience, however, my tinnitus did return to "normal". This seems to support the theory that tinnitus is not so much a physical ringing in the ear, but a ringing in the brain - a compensation the brain makes. So, psilocybin, when doing its re-wiring thing, seems to block/quiet the neural signals that are generating the ringing sound.

      EDIT: I forgot to mention, however, that my sense of hearing and smell were vastly improved for a few days after the experience.
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      SSNHL... probably previous noise exposure, too
      I found an article about how UC San Diego is using Psilocybin to treat chronic pain and in the article it even mentions tinnitus.

      The Psychedelic Science of Pain

      I wish there were more accounts on how this could affect hyperacusis besides @Little Lamb who seemed to have great success with it.
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