Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection with Pre-Existing Tinnitus

Discussion in 'Support' started by T Toledo OH, Jan 15, 2022 at 1:55 AM.

    1. T Toledo OH

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      Likely loud noise and earbuds
      I have seen a few threads mentioning this but would like to know what others who already have tinnitus and got the coronavirus.

      I had both Moderna shots and the booster a few weeks ago. My tinnitus ramped up bad on Tuesday and not it is Friday and it is still spiking.

      I tested positive for COVID-19 today. My concern is will the spike subside once I recover. I only have a dry cough and sinus drainage down my throat. Sore throat also. No fever or loss of taste and smell.

      Just looking for some reassurance that this spike will pass from others who may have been through this.
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    2. ZFire

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      Ototoxicity (2012) Unknown-likely noise induce (2021)
      Yes the spike subsided for me. I tested positive on December 27th. Symptoms included soreness, headache, chills, no taste, and a noticeable tinnitus spike. Strangely my hyperacusis was better than ever before during this period. I was fully healed up by the 31st, but the tinnitus took much more time to fully settle down. It took about a week and a half post infection.

      Check my profile posts pertaining to this if you're interested.
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    3. Shelbylynn

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      I hope the spike passes for your and all of our sake. It looks like we are all going to get it.

      Sorry I can’t help you with any experience but I hope we get some positive answers and I hope you feel much better and your spike goes away.
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    4. Johan001

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      I had very bad COVID-19 a few months ago and made a couple of trips to a hospital in an ambulance. I was worried the tinnitus would spike but my whole body was so messed up that nothing really mattered at that stage. It took me about 2.5 weeks to recover. I had a weird heavy feeling in my head but tinnitus returned to where it was before the illness.

      Wishing you a speedy recovery!
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    5. DreiT

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      Benzo caffeine insomnia earbuds
      It's been ten days since I tested positive for Omicron. My tinnitus is spiking. I hope it will go back to baseline. I can't live like this.
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