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      I found an old book about Dilantin uses that Jack Dreyfuss, the billionaire mutual fund guru of the 60's wrote back in the day. It was reviewed in 1967 in Life Magazine and Readers Digest same year. He was so taken with his personal improvement in his mental depression and related anxiety issues, from Dilantin use way back then, that he left his Dreyfuss Funds in trusted hands and started up the Foundation bearing his name and began spending all his time and lots of his money spreading the word about multiple uses of Dilantin. He did massive compilations of the research on the the uses and one of them was to treat T! The research compilation is now easy to do with the internet! and he's continued it!

      I just got my D.O. to prescribe it for me and had to bring him the book to remind him of Dilantin, since it's not in vogue anymore. It calls for 2, 50MG tabs, 3x daily, which are chewed, then chased with water. Very tasty! The warnings on the label were dire, so I have opted to take just one, 3x daily and see what happens. The book says it is benign in the extreme! So, far, it's been 5 hours since I chewed the 1st 50 mg tablet. I'll go to sleep soon and get up in the am for my next chew.

      So far, absolutely zero noticeable side effects! The 180 pills costed me $7.21 at CVS, but my prescription insurance pays 80% of the bill so, it would be more without my insurance, thanks be to my employer's benefit package!

      I will keep all updated on this progress, and I urge all to google Dreyfuss Medical Foundation.org to read the massive data on Dilantin. If he's right, and lots of big guns agreed with him, like Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Elliott Richardson, all biggies back in the day, then the multiple uses of it could be a Godsend to the world right now. But, since it's out of patent protection, few drug cos will want to mess with it. And if it's as effective as is claimed, there will be pros and cons lining up to fight or promote it!


      On a different note, I'm augmenting it with Life Extension Foundation's "DLPA", a very cheap but also effective helper for lots of nuero issues. I'll get those tabs in a few days. Also will update those too.
      In addition to my very bad T, I am often depressed and disconcerted with no physical, or outward stressors to cause it. Always tired, and very difficult to get stuff done. As I re-read the Dreyfuss book, I saw that T was one of the items that D helped! So, we'll see!I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, eat well and avoid toxicities wherever I can. no loud music or sounds! My health stats are close to perfect, with a pulse of 56 and excellent BP and other health markers. For age an 67, male, I'm blessed with having survived massive cancers 22 years ago, with lots of plumbing removed.

      I always had ADD but it was not diagnosed back in my day as a kid-teen, young adult. It actually helped my career cause I could focus on multiple things all at once and did well in my telephone sales career, never seeing the people to whom I sold insurance.

      That same book search thru my health library at home found the DLPA book. It too says it helps T. We'll see!
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      07/26/1992...habituated after 2 years; 11/04/11 new outbreak
      mjnsr...very interesting and thanks for being willing to boldly go forth and share your results with us

      best wishes
      mock turtle
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      Ok, it's now been my first 24 hours on Dilantin, at my choice of taking 50% of the prescribed dosage. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OBVIOUSLY DANGEROUS OR DISCONCERTING SO FAR. AND IT DOES HELP THE ANXIETY-LISTLESSNESS. Nothing noticeable for T so far.

      However, in reading other posts here, I noted diuretics and antibiotics also affect T. I take both, and have for years for a prophylactic approach to inflammation wherever in my body. I have cut the 2 pills in half today, and will see how that works over time.Been taking HCTZ diuretic since College days! Every day. So, at now 67, maybe the T has been slowly building up.

      The DLPA not here yet!

      Below is a paste of an email I sent to a friend recently that may also be of some importance here:

      I have just ordered the supplement (dlpa) that a whole book was written about, from The Life Extension Foundation, of which I've been a member for 20 years. I also ordered some additional vitamins. I expect delivery of those in a few days.

      The Dilantin should be in tomorrow at my local CVS. Re-reading that book on Dilantin and the other mentioned above give me realistic hope I will get better from the Tinnitis and listlessness. My family says playfully that I'm just old and lazy so they don't expect me to be active, but I know better!

      I have been getting slowly worse over the last 3 years. But not so much in the immediate context of dying early. More in the context of being overly stressed, less and less hopeful about my life and life in general, about which you have noticed and commented upon, accurately I admit. The ringing in my ears is off the charts!

      When I'm in such a state, I do not wish to affect those I care about. So, I withdraw and try to deal with it as best I can. I am convinced moving to the DFW area was important for me to gather my thoughts and try out the big city again, and in many ways it was very helpful.

      But there is something I forgot about! It's my pre-recorded speech # 15, out of 4,354 pre-prepared speeches on 4,354 different subjects. :)

      This subject cannot be mitigated or improved in any way by staying here! And if ever I needed new proof that the subject is legitimate, I now know it is!


      The ringing in my ears, head and other physical-mental issues are/can be symptoms of EMF damages. Some people are more prone that others to such damages. But all people face a long term degrading of their well-being by EMF background pollution. My neighbors' and my wireless internets, home smart meters, etc etc. are close examples that I feel I am hurt by.

      I won't detail the EMF damages present in the DFW metroplex, as they are infinite and again, nothing can be done about them! Except to move!

      Bisbee, AZ was protected from them by its location inside the Mule Mountains. They kept the big city emfs from hitting Old Bisbee because most emf's are "straight -line" vectors. Anything massive that gets in their way, causes them to stop traveling in a straight line, and in the case of the Mountains, are absorbed into them.

      Even Interstate Hwys have emf pollution to the people living near them. As an example, take tiny Bowie, Az. There are no big EMF emitters nearby, except the thousands of vehicles that pass daily, the Cell Towers that aim their transmissions to parallel the highway and local emitters like people's TV's, cellphones, clocks, car alternators, and the like.

      Since Bowie has little of any of that, it's EMF absorption rate is tiny. It's too far from Tucson, El Paso, or any industrial complex that emits its own, massive, emf's. Bisbee's is even smaller! The traffic on I-10 is cyclical so that at night the emfs are low and daily the traffic emf is higher but not high enough to make residents nearby be affected. MUCH.

      I believe the emf's from those elevated electrical transmission lines next to the Houston home were a proximate cause of my bladder cancer. They were so powerful that my cancer came out of nowhere fast! I AM DOING THE SAME THING AGAIN BEING IN THE DFW AREA. BUT MY AGE AND GENERAL HEALTH CANNOT STAND THE DAILY MASSIVE ASSAULTS WITHOUT MUCH WORSE HAPPENING TO ME IF I STAY HERE. SO, I WON'T.

      The above was written to a friend [SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=3]about 5days ago. I lived in Bisbee from 1999 to 2007, and loved it for so many reasons! Extremely laid back and very non [/SIZE][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue][SIZE=3]j[/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue][SIZE=3]udgemental about any[SIZE=3]th[/SIZE]ing and anybody. [SIZE=3]R[/SIZE]ight on the Mexican border, but in an area of Mexico where there are close to no EMF[/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue][SIZE=3][SIZE=3]'s and with Mex[SIZE=3]ic[/SIZE]an mountains to shield Bisbee, plus the AZ Mule Mo[SIZE=3]unt[SIZE=3]ains! Extremely historic! and beauty all around. [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

      [SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000][SIZE=3]Fortunately shielded from Ft. Huachuca's massive EMF spray all around[/SIZE][/COLOR]! So, that's my add-on for to[SIZE=3]night. H[SIZE=3]ope some thoughts help others![/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
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      Hi, It's now been about 5 days on Dilantin, (D) and I'm sleeping perfect again. Much calmer and no anxiety. I could be described perhaps as ..."walking embalmed". Not a zombie, mostly humor there but my sons all note my extreme calm. As to the T being reduced by the D, I know it's reduced maybe 10-20% but I can't tell if some of that is a placebo effect. But the very high noise level that is present at certain, unpredictable times of the day, are not noticeable now, though the background T is there, just maybe 10-20% lower.
      The DLPA and other supplements from Life Extension Foundation came today! I took the first dlpa and a few other vitamins at noon and at about 6PM they gave me a slight but noticeable, slow motion "jolt". Very obvious they kicked in but not in a worrisome way. Just sort of like a mild starbucks double caffiene hit. It felt good. We'll see how I sleep tonight. It may cause some problems in my nice sleep for the last 3-5 nites.
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      mjnsr -
      Good information. Very interesting about Jack Dreyfuss. He must have cornered the Dilantin market in the 1960's.
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      Your post are intriguing, to say the least. Please keep the updates coming.
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      Noise exposure
      Mjnsr, yes, please keep the updates coming, I'm interested in this too. Thanks.
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      Thanks to all who commented above. The DLPA book , also about 1970's vintage, said the dlpa begins to be noticeable very slowly, maybe up to 4 weeks. Today is my second day on dlpa and 7th on D. This afternoon, I have had the energy and gumption to work on my fence. Before D, I didn't have the energy or the gumption. And I should repeat, I have no external or internal, objective, identifiable or even suspected stressors in my life to cause the chronic anxiety and low grade depression. I'm not obese or have any other factors that should cause this. My BP is very normal and resting heartbeat 56.

      About 10 years ago I got put on Wellbutrin and it did zero, except cost a lot. Then they tried Ritalin, and within 24 hours I could have gone Postal I was so crazy feeling. But, I hate no one and felt no one had ever done me wrong so I just bought postage stamps! I knew what was happening so I just laid down, drank lots of distilled water (that's a huge story - the distilled water thing) and let it pass and it did. Since then I was not going to be on any psychotropic meds and haven't until D now for a week. But, the Dreffuss Medical Foundation and their website, plus his book made me have the confidence to give it a try and I'm glad I did.

      Right now, the T is mild. But again, I can't say that D is helping it but it sure is the other issues. At 67, we all slow down and I think that was-is my case. Back in '92 I lost my bladder, prostate, urethra (ich-sorry for my honesty) so my testosterone level is likely close to zero. I wear a plastic bag called a urostomy to catch the drips my doc installed.

      BTW, the doc was Andrew Von Eschenbach, head of urological cancer surgery at M.D. Anderson in Houston at the time. "W" appointed him head of the FDA and before that the Natl Cancer Institute in DC. He's a very good and kind doctor and I'm lucky to have been introduced to him by his now deceased colleague there, Dr. Emanuel Murgola, whose wife I worked with. Otherwise, I would likely not have been able to maybe get thru to him, if I'd even known he existed. "Manny" Murgola and his wife Geri, were and are very special people. Googling both docs would be very amazing to read their pedigrees, and the lowly likes of me are not usually able to have them as their docs. I was and am blessed.

      Dr. "Von" as his patients call him told me I'd be likely to slow down a lot in my future cause of the absence of the plumbing he took out. So, I better get some info on Testosterone replacements also! I'm just remembering that as I write this. I haven't seen him since early '93.

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      Funny to hear someone mention the town of Bisbee on this site. I lived there for a few years many years ago. A very unique little place. We used to love Brewery Gulch days!
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      Ok, it's been 2 full weeks on the dilantin. 6 days on the dlpa. The effects of the dlpa are totally unnoticeable, good or bad, except maybe for the extreme calm I feel all over. A good calm too, not a medicated calm.As for the T, it's about 25% reduced and I don't have the extreme screamings that sometimes occurred. All in all, the D made a helpful, though not dramatic improvement in the T, but a huge overall life improvement. Sleep is excellent, getting stuff done, procrastination is less, and overall I feel peaceful. And, as I have said, I have all the externals and internals to be peaceful! Just never was in all my 67 years!

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