Essential Oil Therapy for Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by Asian, Jun 6, 2015.

    1. Asian

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      4 weeks
      I have ordered a blend of Rosemary oil, marjoram oil, basil oil, sunflower oil and lavender oil for stiff neck and supposedly relax those muscles. Has anyone tried essential oils for tinnitus ?

      Do you use them diluted or undiluted?
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    2. Richard Wallace

      Richard Wallace Member

      Hi Asian, just a couple of weeks ago my younger brother brought over a bottle of pure peppermint oil. He put a dab on the back of my neck while I was cooking. It was very strong, but in a good way. I could still hear the T of course but kept on smelling the peppermint for hours after. I don't know if essential oils would have a direct impact on tinnitus, but they probably have a beneficial distracting type of property to them. God Bless....... Rich
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    3. vchil

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      unknown. no hearing loss. no exposure to loud sounds
      Hi Asian,

      I am trying some oils starting today so I will report back with results and the specifics if there is any improvement.
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    4. SarahCuda

      SarahCuda Member

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      Has anyone had any success using essential oils for T? I've been using Frankincense for my vertigo (after reading wonderful reviews about its healing properties), but I can't find any relief for the T......
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    5. Lawrence Glickman

      Lawrence Glickman Member

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      Friends I have had T seriously for three years. I have a diagnosed malfunctioning Eustacian tube on the left side. After tubes in my ears which are now removed my right side has healed. My left was and still is a problem however. Through the use of Peppermint oil (pure) under my nose and outside my left ear I am much better. This oil is a natural decongestant, and has aniti viral and anti bacterial activity. (Do not put in the ear canal) There is some evidence that it stimulates the immune system. I also use magnesium twice a day and a range of vitamins including ginko biloba/vinposcetine, NAC and French marine extract (Pycnogenol) and now I'm finally getting better. The oil is key but the rest helps. I'm 90% there Hooray!!
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    6. glynis

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      England, Stoke-on-Trent
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      Meniere's Disease
      I find lavinder oil on my pillow helps me relax and the seance of smell a great distraction.
      Using essential oils can help lift your mood too ....lots of love glynis
    7. annabel16

      annabel16 Member Benefactor

      New England
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      acoustic trauma
      I'm sorry I didn't see this thread before I started my own in the Hyperacusis Support Forum. I did a quick search before I started and still somehow missed your question, but yes, I have started using oils and I do believe they have helped me. I had a lot of minor pain which made it very hard for me to mentally erase the sound, habituate, and so far the oil has taken the pain away. I do perceive the sound of T generally as less intrusive and with fewer "zings" or thrills from a factory whistle going off in my head. Somewhere around here is the thread with my recipe if you would like to see it? Glynis, your pillow sounds like heaven. I rollerball my wrist, my sleepwear, too.

      I like peppermint for two reasons, it helps me focus , which has been a big challenge for me with T. And it helps cut my appetite, which is great for me, because I'm losing weight. I started oils to treat depression at the same time as hopefully address T + H.

      Lawrence, I'm so glad to hear you're 90% there! Hooray!! Hooray is right!

      Asian, OP, did your blend come in the mail? How are you feeling?

      Sarah, I know you said the Frankincense didn't help the T, how did it do with your vertigo? I did a quick search and found a lot of different oils to try with vertigo, that it depends on the root cause of the vertigo which will be the most effective, etc Do you mind if I ask the source of your vertigo?
    8. McMurdo

      McMurdo Member

      Arkansas, USA
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      Unknown - possibly a three-month untreated sinus infection.
      "I, and two people I know, use helichrysum (the italicum variety) from Corsica for our tinnitus. It doesn't STOP the T, but it can reduce the intensity for SOME people. (Like all things related to T, nothing works for everyone. I've known one or two people who say it didn't help them at all--though they didn't buy it where I buy it, so I'm not sure what quality theirs was.) I've done some research on the chemical in the helichrysum plant (neryl acetate--also tannin, which is wine, which is probably why red wine helps some people's T) and there is some evidence that this chemical can help with inflammation (including inflamed nerves) and nerve damage. Not sure if that's why it helps with some people's T or not. You have to buy therapeutic grade oil and it has to be the italicum variety because that has the highest amount of neryl acetate in it.

      I've tried using it (always undiluted) around the ear cup, along the jawline, on reflexology points on my feet, in a few drops put in a capsule and swallowed, inhaled, rubbed on either side of my spine on the back of my neck, and rubbed it under my nose so I smell it as I sleep at night--and all combinations of these! What I found works best for me is on either side of my spine on the back of my neck (I'm told because that's where the nerves go up into your brain stem/brain, but IDK), inhaling it (several deep breaths of the bottle from each nostril and hold it in for about 5 seconds each time), and then a dab under my nose. I do this before bed each night.

      I find when I do this I have more low-volume T days than when I don't. (Don't get me wrong--I still have some loud T days--just not as many as when I don't use the helichrysum.) I used to be able to wake up with bad T and do this routine again in the a.m. and my T would sometimes go down a bit. Sadly, that doesn't happen anymore, perhaps because I take more medication now than I used to. (It was a huge disappointment to find out that didn't work for my anymore, let me tell you!)

      Unfortunately, helichrysum is one of the most expensive EOs out there because the plant is relatively rare. I've purchased it online in an olive-oil sized bottle from Europe (Corsica), but then it has to go through customs, and the shipping is like $25. I did a lot of digging and found a reputable U.S. seller online I buy from now. It's actually more expensive than buying from Europe, but the shipping is cheaper (free because I buy the bottle that costs enough to give me free shipping) and I don't have to worry about customs or a European company not sending me what I've paid for! So I bite the bullet and pay the higher price in the U.S., though where I get it is still cheaper than the popular EO companies out there now.

      Of course, the bigger bottle you buy, the cheaper it is per ounce, so once I knew it worked for me I stopped buying the tiny bottles and now buy the biggest one I can afford which lasts me about 9 months, sometimes longer."
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    9. Paul10

      Paul10 Member

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      I got a bottle of essential oil specifically made up for Tinnitus. I watched the woman do it up for me. It's sitting in a drawer right now. She said to rub it on the back of my ears and a little swabbed on the inside of the ear. Not exactly sure how to use it. Anyone know?
    10. SilverSpiral

      SilverSpiral Member

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      Can you link to where you can buy this stuff?
    11. Ann D

      Ann D Member

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      started 3 weeks into treatment with Harvoni
    12. Quiet please

      Quiet please Member

      Westchester County, NY
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      May 2008
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      I can only guess
      Ive had good success with 2 essential oils. Frankincense & Sweet Basil. These were recommended by a massage therapist who has T. The instructions are to apply 2 drops each in the palm of your hand, blend & place behind & around the ears. Also along the jawline. The rest I inhale as I do deep breathing for a few minutes. The smell is calming & the T is much quieter. The first week, I applied 4-6 times daily. Now, 3 weeks in, just 2x day; after my shower in the am & when I'm ready for bed. It most definitely has been helping. The spikes have receded and the volume is muted. I'm also calmer & haven't taken any Xanax for about 10 days now.
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    13. tifwellaton

      tifwellaton Member

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      A little background behind my story; I had a severe back injury a couple months ago and my doctor prescribed a plethora of prescription meds and although they helped, the mental effects were too much to handle. This began my search for alternatives and what I stumbled upon was CBD. I found a brand called Quanta that sells CBD in vape form and ever since using CBD my pain has been substantially reduced without the hazy side effects. If anyone is in a similar situation and sees this post I highly recommend just giving it a try!
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    14. LisaWI

      LisaWI Member

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      Nov 2017
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      pressure from garlic oil with ear buds worn overnight
      McMurdo I started using Hopewell Oils Helichrysum Substitute Blend, which according to them has similar chemistry of expensive Helichrysum. Equal parts of Clary Sage, Elemi, Roman Chamomile, Idaho Tansy, Wintergreen, and Ylang Ylang.

      Its hard to tell if its helping since I just got tinnitus and it has been changing, but overall better than the 1st week. I also put in Frankincense and Basil thanks to Quiet Please's post above, and Lavender, Grapefruit, Cypress and Clary Sage since I found comments online saying they worked for some people.

      I just got tinnitus 6 weeks ago from the pressure of wearing ear buds overnight when I had put in garlic/mullein oil for a minor ear infection. I have used the oil before, and slept with earbuds before for my boyfriend's snoring, without any problems. I could tell it might cause pressure problems when I went to sleep, but was overtired and desperate for sleep. :(
      My ENT said it was from pressure changes, I have slight hearing loss in lower range in my left ear. Its still in normal range in my right, but less hearing in lower range, with less ringing in that ear.
    15. JamesNOLA

      JamesNOLA Member

      New Orleans
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      Played in a rock band
      I'm a fairly soul-less individual and will go with the double-blinds nine times out of ten.

      Imagine my irritation when I experienced some mild and temporary relief when a friend smeared ylang ylang in a carrier oil around the outside of my ear. (She also warned me in reproving tones not to put oil in my ear, ever, and that my liver was screaming and needed some very complicated care involving some vegetables I've never heard of. But I digress.)

      It's doubtful to me that this would survive a double-blind test of any sort; the abatement of symptoms was short-lived and I'm pretty sure it was some sort of placebo effect reflex on my part. But I'm thinking of doing a few simple experiments, and will keep you posted if they seem to have any effect.

      Good essential oils are expensive, and I'm disinclined to give anybody hope that they're a help on the slenderest of evidence.
    16. Darkener

      Darkener Member

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      May I just clarify what it is you are using. Is it just a dab of peppermint oil under the nose? And magnesium supplement tablets? I've already ordered gingko biloba supplements but may well order the oil and magnesium since you're getting positive results.

      Also, as an aside, I read that someone swore by garlic olive oil - in the ear - for tinnitus and ear infections. I'm assuming a home remedy.

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