Essential Oil Therapy for Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by Asian, Jun 6, 2015.

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    1. Asian

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      4 weeks
      I have ordered a blend of Rosemary oil, marjoram oil, basil oil, sunflower oil and lavender oil for stiff neck and supposedly relax those muscles. Has anyone tried essential oils for tinnitus ?

      Do you use them diluted or undiluted?
    2. Richard Wallace

      Richard Wallace Member

      Hi Asian, just a couple of weeks ago my younger brother brought over a bottle of pure peppermint oil. He put a dab on the back of my neck while I was cooking. It was very strong, but in a good way. I could still hear the T of course but kept on smelling the peppermint for hours after. I don't know if essential oils would have a direct impact on tinnitus, but they probably have a beneficial distracting type of property to them. God Bless....... Rich
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    3. vchil

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      unknown. no hearing loss. no exposure to loud sounds
      Hi Asian,

      I am trying some oils starting today so I will report back with results and the specifics if there is any improvement.
    4. SarahCuda

      SarahCuda Member

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      Has anyone had any success using essential oils for T? I've been using Frankincense for my vertigo (after reading wonderful reviews about its healing properties), but I can't find any relief for the T......
    5. Lawrence Glickman

      Lawrence Glickman Member

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      Friends I have had T seriously for three years. I have a diagnosed malfunctioning Eustacian tube on the left side. After tubes in my ears which are now removed my right side has healed. My left was and still is a problem however. Through the use of Peppermint oil (pure) under my nose and outside my left ear I am much better. This oil is a natural decongestant, and has aniti viral and anti bacterial activity. (Do not put in the ear canal) There is some evidence that it stimulates the immune system. I also use magnesium twice a day and a range of vitamins including ginko biloba/vinposcetine, NAC and French marine extract (Pycnogenol) and now I'm finally getting better. The oil is key but the rest helps. I'm 90% there Hooray!!
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    6. glynis-harbron

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      Meniere's Disease
      I find lavinder oil on my pillow helps me relax and the seance of smell a great distraction.
      Using essential oils can help lift your mood too ....lots of love glynis
    7. annabel16

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      acoustic trauma
      I'm sorry I didn't see this thread before I started my own in the Hyperacusis Support Forum. I did a quick search before I started and still somehow missed your question, but yes, I have started using oils and I do believe they have helped me. I had a lot of minor pain which made it very hard for me to mentally erase the sound, habituate, and so far the oil has taken the pain away. I do perceive the sound of T generally as less intrusive and with fewer "zings" or thrills from a factory whistle going off in my head. Somewhere around here is the thread with my recipe if you would like to see it? Glynis, your pillow sounds like heaven. I rollerball my wrist, my sleepwear, too.

      I like peppermint for two reasons, it helps me focus , which has been a big challenge for me with T. And it helps cut my appetite, which is great for me, because I'm losing weight. I started oils to treat depression at the same time as hopefully address T + H.

      Lawrence, I'm so glad to hear you're 90% there! Hooray!! Hooray is right!

      Asian, OP, did your blend come in the mail? How are you feeling?

      Sarah, I know you said the Frankincense didn't help the T, how did it do with your vertigo? I did a quick search and found a lot of different oils to try with vertigo, that it depends on the root cause of the vertigo which will be the most effective, etc Do you mind if I ask the source of your vertigo?

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