Ex-Guitarist from The Damned and Eddie and the Hotrods

Discussion in 'Support' started by carlover, Mar 10, 2015.

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      Benzo + loud noise

      (Too depressing to read )

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      Thank you for passing this along. I took a read through it as I remember hearing the name of the musician before.

      While it is a bit of a downer article, it sounds like he's at least living a bit more of a normal life now. I wish more of this type of information was available when I was in my teens and got my first CD Player/iPod. I guess the key now is if you realize that you have T or H, that you can still live a pretty good life - you just need to be a bit more careful with your ears :)

      As I've said before. I feel that hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis will be one of the big medical conditions that my generation will have to deal with. If there is a silver lining to this, it would be that more medical funds and research is going into coming up with some form of a treatment (maybe cure one day) for all of these conditions - which I would have to say is long over due.
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      Drugs barotrauma
      It's funny, none of these articles ever mention ototoxic drugs when they list the ways that you can get tinnitus. I have always been very careful around sound but had never in my entire life heard that medications could damage your hearing. There is basically NO awareness in the general public regarding the risks of certain medications. I try and make people aware now, most will just look at me like I'm nuts. I guess these drug companies have so much control over everything that they can keep this a nice little secret. Where are all the stories in the mainstream news about people getting tinnitus from medication. Always story after story about noise causing deafness, I think most people in the world already understand this.

      I have both catastrophic T and H. I was given drugs that can casue deafness to treat my sore blocked ear. How in the world can medications that can lead to deafness, tinnitus, permanant ear pain/damage be given out so casually to treat the ear. I don't get it. If I knew I could possibly ruin my life going to the doctor and taking medications I would have stayed home. Unreal.
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      Shit happens
      I just finished reading a book of Lemmy of Motörhead. He used to play with Damned, they called that lineup "Doomed".
      Lemmy said something like (sorry have ti re-translate) his ears go deaf, first the right one then the left. Obviously it happens quite often. Then he says something like "I have fire truck siren sound in my ears all the time. Not to mention the tinnitus."
      Then he goes on with more important things ;)
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      Loud noise
      @JTP its insane how Lemmy can still perform! I mean he is famous for playing LOUD! I always wonder how he isnt dying from the pain! Or does he not suffer from pain in his ears and just get the ringing?
      Who knows.
    7. I dont think Lemmy even knows what an earplug looks like:nailbiting:

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