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Discussion in 'Support' started by thesaint, Apr 14, 2015.

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      @attheedgeofscience I'm directing this question to you ateos. I came across this video on youtube that actually stopped the ringing for a short period of time. It was called head drumming for tinnitus, you can google it. My question is shouldn't our researchers and scientists investigate this technique to pinpoint why this simple method gives relief?
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      I wasn't immediately able to locate a video with that name. I found the following one. I guess that might be it:

      Ringing in Ears Tinnitus Treatment

      If so, there is already one problem with the material: if you read the description below the video (on youtube), you will see that it says:

      "Here's a proven technique to stop that annoying ringing in ears. This is an amazing Tinnitus treatment, perhaps your Tinnitus Miracle!"

      How can that method be proven? Where is the proof? I don't know any proof... So that should be your first alarm bell for this kind of video.

      Perhaps they should. But the fact that you only got temporary relief therefore also means the method is not really effective. Additionally, you could put the "discovery" into the same bucket as "why are some people's tinnitus lower after a shower, or after wearing ear plugs?"

      Yes, the fact that certain exogenous factors can modulate a person's tinnitus may be interesting to some degree, but not more than that, I am afraid.

      I don't mean to sound like someone who wants to ruin the party, so to speak. I keep an open mind for all things that could potentially be interesting. It is for that reason that I, for example, was one of the few members who - to some degree - decided to side with TinAway:


      I am not saying that the above therapy would ever be proven to be effective, but at least it represented a novel new approach to sound therapy. And I'd rather see the ATA spend $100k on a ph.d study such as the above than fund some kind of "music therapy for tinnitus"...


      ...if you ask me.

      That's how I see it.

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      I've tried this before and I haven't found it to be effective. To be honest, I bet he just wants the ad revenue.

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