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      Hey there.
      I'm a Swedish guy of 22 winters who's been lurking here on the forums for a while. Thought I'd make an account to come closer to y'all.
      I've had hyperacusis for as long as I can remember, and my tinnitus started around 2009, possibly due to loud music from headphones, although during hearing tests my results showed my hearing being above average, so hearing damage hasn't been confirmed. The sound of my tinnitus used to be quite low and tolerable, but has since 3 weeks back gotten into a loud spike accompanied by ear pain and increased hyperacusis.

      Possibly this was triggered by stress, an ear infection, or both. Apparently I had a bunch of [Moraxella] causing trouble inside my head, so I got some strong antibiotics, and while my fever is gone after taking all the pills over 10 days, the sting-ring and ear pain is still around as of this moment.

      I've read about a bunch of people having spikes last for months before going down, many of them as effects and aftereffects of tenacious infections, so I am not too worried, yet.

      One annoying thing is that I have a really hard time to focus now, I barely get anything done. The most annoying thing is that the ENT that gave me the antibiotics seems uninterested in tinnitus completely. I'll make sure to call him about the pain still being around though. There's also a hospital in my area that has an ENT-clinic, which I've yet to visit, possibly they could know and/or help more.

      So, that's where I sit now. I hope we'll get along.
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      Welcome to tinnitus talk.
      After your ear infection clears up it can take a few days or weeks after for tinnitus to settle down.
      Time is a great healer but I would get your ears checked if still having pain....lots of love glynis
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