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      Hello all, Like you all I have the annoying Tinnitus problem. Several trips to the Dr, ENT and hearing Dr resulted in for sure having this annoying disease. It's only in my right ear thankfully nothing is wrong with my left ear. I can hardly hear out of my right ear and at times the noise is loud. I keep a Honeywell air cleaner in my room at night that is loud and cleans the air otherwise the noise at night would be more annoying.

      I was prescribed a phonak hearing aide. Cost me out of pocket after insurance cost near $3000 US Dollars. I dont wear it all the time like I should. It doesnt help me hear 100% but I guess it works. I've had it for 12 months now. Doesnt help me at all when using the telephone. Helps me hear when Im watching my favorite show or sporting events on the television.

      When it's worst? When I in a crowd of people. Restaurant, at a sporting event, conference or any event similar. I tend to think the hearing makes it worse. Maybe I have the wrong hearing aid?

      Any stories of this just goes away one day? I've read online on medical sites sometimes after weeks or even years it will go away. I am going to guess that is myth and not a fact. I think I'd take a shot in the eye ball to if it would cure Tinnitus.

      Well Cheers to all. -Zeppers
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      Welcome to TT. Does the hearing aids have volume or sensitivity adjustment so it can be tuned down in the loud environments you listed above? Do you suspect you have some issue with hyperacusis when those loud noises hurt? Normally this is the case but since you wear hearing aids, I won't know for sure if the problem is the H or the hearing aids. For masking, instead of just the air cleaner, you may consider using more pleasant sounds such as those from nature or music. TT has a good audio player of masking sounds in this thread:

      Yes, there are quite a few stories of this going away. The most read success story on TT is one with a simple method by I Who Love Music and he titles it 'Back to Silence'. But most of all, people just habituate to the ringing and so they are not aware of the ringing most of the time.

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