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      I'm 48 years old, and about two weeks ago a low humming sound started in my right ear. I kept asking my husband if he could hear it.
      He said no, I thought it was coming from a neighbor's house, since I live in an apartment. I only thought I heard it in the bedroom, but today when I woke , and sat in the front room, I heard it again. So far its not disturbing my sleep. But when I wake up it's harder for me to fall asleep.
      I googled and found this forum, I hope I can get answers, I didn't experience a loud sound, it started after I did a mediation.
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      not sure
      Welcome to TT. You may want to try mask your T in order to sleep again without feeling anxious about the ringing. You may have to work out something with your husband on the masking so it won't distract him. Perhaps use ipod earbuds and set to low volume so your brain can focus on the soothing masking sounds instead of the T. Another way is to have the spouse wear a earplug so you can hear the masking without using earbuds. My colleague's wife has a simple solution. She plays country music in the bedroom whole night and the husband has to find another room to sleep. LOL.

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