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      hello. i am new here and am feeling a bit despondent. the reason for this is because i had hoped to find news in the "research" and "treatment" sub-forums that might fill me with some degree of optimism that there might be something coming soon that would help me with my quite loud tinnitus situation. am i wrong here in thinking that there is nothing particularly promising happening at the moment? i hope i'm wrong. just feeling down and negative. like i see talk on this AM-101 but it doesn't seem like things are particularly positive. i'm talking about treatments that might restore/repair/heal (as opposed to brain retraining type approaches to treatment). sorry again if i sound negative. i just hadn't looked online for a while for positive information on these fronts and had (maybe foolishly) expected to find better news. can anyone give me any rays of hope that i'm missing? thank you.
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      I think all of us have had this feeling, given that it is 2016. What I have come to understand, is that tinnitus a symptom. Different people have different disorders that give rise to it. And in the past, most of the research was done concerning the ear, since they thought the condition was caused by damaged hair cells. Auris medical target this area with their cochlear therapies. Hopefully that will work for some of us, but in other folks, tinnitus may be more of a phantom limb scenario, where the neural treatments would be the only treatment.

      I don't think anyone with tinnitus is too thrilled with the treatment options. Unfortunately, the condition hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. However, there is more research now than ever, so we are on the right track. Stick in there, there should be some more effective treatments in the next decade or so.
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      not sure
      We don't know if AM-101 will heal everyone. It most likely will not. But the pharma and research are coming up with new things on the horizon. Besides AM-101, there are OTO-311, SF00034, and recently we have been sold that they are working on one which is like trobalt but with much less side effect. So things are kicking and hopefully something will be available within 5 years.

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