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      Ear Infection
      Hi. A few months ago, I had an ear infection, and have been experiencing tinnitus ever since.

      I had been warned of tinnitus before due to the amount of concerts I attend, but I've always been careful to wear ear plugs to help protect my ears. I assumed the ringing would leave when the infection did, but it's only gotten worse.

      What started as an annoying ringing in my left ear has progressed into a distracting and loud buzzing in both ears.

      I've seen a few doctors since then. The first doctor recommended some over the counter medicines which did nothing. The second doctor told me there was most likely nothing I could do, and referred me to an ENT. The ENT performed a few tests and detected trauma in my left ear, and prescribed me some steroids.

      I am currently on my third day, and it seems to be going well as I haven't experienced any side effects, but I am nervous about the sound increasing in my right ear and I know there is only a slim chance the buzzing will stop.

      I can't help but feel like the tinnitus is my fault for attending concerts and using ear buds, even though the ENT told me it was the ear infection's fault.

      I'm only 15, and I'm incredibly frustrated that I might have to live the rest of my life with this. I'm hoping I can find some hope and support on here.
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      not sure
      Don't panic and despair. Being young with T is quite common and many young members have since gotten better and many have written their success stories. For some reason young people may be able to heal faster or adapt better than the older folks. Here are some success stories of the young members. Again don't panic and have comfort and hope that given time you will be well.

      success story of 17 years old Zach:

      success story of Jari with T since 12 years old:

      lana got T at 15 and getting better:
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      Loud music/gigs probably
      How many comcerts did you go too? Wish had a warning about tinnitus, i would of stopped going..
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      Try not to panic. It only makes it worse
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      Loud noise exposure
      hey kathrk,

      Hang in there. Just like what billie48 said, there are several things going for you which I suggest you take advantage of. First and foremost, you are young, which helps tremendously with the healing factor. Second, you mentioned the steroids you received from your HCP have alleviated some of your symptoms. DO your best to stay positive. In the meantime, I would avoid ALL loud noises for the time being, as you want your ears time to rest from the trauma and any residual infection symptoms (if any remain). Try to relax and do what you normally do, and stay POSITIVE!

      This forum is great and you will see many helpful and kind members.


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