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      Tinnitus Since:
      Long time
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Conductive hearing loss
      I've had tinnitus for as long as I can remember. It's a buzz or roaring sound in the back of my right ear. Some days more bearable than others. I'm looking for ways to help it. I gave up caffeine years ago, occasionally have a cup of green tea. Not sure if that harms it or not.

      Looking for ways to help calm the tinnitus down.
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      Tinnitus Since:
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      not sure
      Welcome to the forum. The positive from your story is that you have lived and coped with this buzzing/roaring tinnitus for so long and that proves to those new to T that T is livable, if irritable at times. Have you ever discovered what caused your T? If it is traceable to a cause, then perhaps it is easier to reduce the volume of T.

      There are so many ways to help calm T if not curing it. If the cause is known then it may be fixable. If not, generally, these things may help some members if not all. For more options people have tried, you can go to the Treatment or Alternative Treatment section to read up more detail, or just read up the success stories.

      DIY neuromodulator or notched Acoustic Coordinated Reset Neuromodulation (ACRN) has been used to reduce the ringing intensity/loudness of T . Some members have been helped if not all:

      The following may or may not help (and you may have tried them already), but they are often recommended as ways to try to help reduce T and to reduce stress which is bad for T

      Supplements & diet as well as life style change:
      Members here often recommend some good supplements, such as NAC, Magnesium, Zinc, B12, D3, etc.
      It is also wise to reduce excess intake of salt, sugar, MSG, caffeine (which you have done), alcohol etc. or to switch to more healthy diet. Often doing relaxing exercises or hobbies can ease the stress and anxiety from T which can help reduce T. If you can enjoy the outdoors, by all means go for it.

      Some strategies may help:
      CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), TRT, mindfulness meditation, yoga, tai chi, Qi Gong etc. can all help and are good for the body. Some members also find massage therapy & acupuncture helpful although result may vary.

      Improve sleep:
      Sleep deprivation can really aggravate tinnitus. So try your best to get quality sleep. If T prevents you to sleep, get some bed time masking such as a sound machine or a sound pillow to help fall asleep better. Also, instead of sleep or anti-anxiety meds from the doctor, you can try natural alternatives such as Melatonin, Lemon Balm, Valerian, Hops, Catnips, Passion Flower, Chamomile, Lavender, Kava, etc. You can do google search or check Amazon.com for each of them to know how people review these products, and see if you can take them as a supplement. Check out this site on using natural herbs for helping to sleep or to calm the nerves.

      http://www.christopherhobbs.com/lib...ealth/herbs-and-natural-remedies-for-insomnia /

      One success story you can read is 'Back to Silence' by IWLM. It is the most read success story on TT. He has 40 years of bad T and then he found this simple method to help calm his T and it works for him and many who have tried it. Check it out. Take care. God bless.

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