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      I'm a 66 YO White Male, had T as long as I can remember.....I had several bouts of ear infections and tonsillitis when I was young. It didn't really bother me too much, hardly noticing the ringing during most of my life.

      I enjoy soft rock music and oldies, love NASCAR and to that end, its NASCAR that really exacerbated the T. I went to a NASCAR race at Martinsville Speedway in 2003. We had seats just under the pavilion and remember the noise was so loud it hurt my ears, even with earplugs in. Since then, my T has been getting worse and now it's to the point I need constant external noise to keep from going bonkers.

      I saw this site after doing research on Tinnitus Miracle book. Just as I thought, it a scam, but it led me to this site where I can do real research on T.

      Thank you for "listening".
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      Unknown (medication, head injury)
      Indeed tinnitus is probably more common amongst children than both we - and ENTs - tend to think. Both ear infections - and especially chronic ear infections - is a problem during childhood; there are specific reasons for why that is (also evidenced by the fact that placement of ear tubes is the most common outpatient ENT procedure out there).

      I agree that tinnitus acquired during childhood probably is less of a problem (as long as it stays the same, that is...).

      This is terrible. I only thought such noise levels were possible with dragster racing.

      For what it is worth: earplugs must be used correctly (which includes letting the foam expand while pressed inside the ear canal); not using earplugs correctly can remove about 10db of hearing protection. Double protection - via earmuffs - is also recommended in some instances.

      There are current on-going clinical trials for tinnitus. Some are entering phase II; one is in phase III. The inclusion criteria may evolve - and so keep an eye out for any (and all) possibilities (even if you are not a candidate at the moment).

      My suggestion.
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      Thank you for the insight. Now I wear mickey mouse ear protection at the races all the time:headphone:!

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