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      Hi everyone my name is Chris, I am from the UK and currently living in Japan.

      I have had tinnitus almost for as long as I can remember and I am almost 30. Predominantly in my right ear, just a constant high pitch static noise and a lower pulsing sound. My hearing is also bad in my right ear, while the left ear is fine. The right ear constantly feels blocked and gets much worse when I have a cold or illness.

      I think it is either caused by trauma to my jaw (got hit hard by a football when I was about 14) causing my jaw to constantly click (I think this is TMJ but it is seemingly unrecognised by the NHS!), an ear infection when I was 15, or from listening to loud music (although I am skeptical about this because as I said, the hearing in my left ear seems fine).

      Thought it was about time to sign up to the forum, as I have been reading so many other peoples posts. Even though my T is quite loud and constant, I am usually unaware of it, unless it flares up because I am ill, or I am in a really quiet place. Plus the day after drinking alcohol can be bad too.

      Anyway, sadly I don't have any miracle cures, but I am proof that you can live with and get one with T (most of the time:)), so happy to try and pass on any advice and experience as a long term sufferer!
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      Hi, StrictlyT,
      Welcome to Tinnitus Talk! Thanks for telling us your story. The fact that you are able to live, and get on with your life, with tinnitus will be helpful to so many people out there, who are desperate and looking for answers.

      Have you had the pulsating sound for a long time, too? I have pretty much the same thing as you, constant tinnitus in my right ear, with a pulsating sound undercurrent. Have you had any medical tests to determine the cause, and/or did you just decide to live with it?

      It's encouraging to know that you've been living with both the high-pitched static noise and the pulsating since 2000.

      Thanks for writing!!
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      Hi Karen thanks for your response.

      Yes I think to my knowledge the pulsating sound has always been there. I don't know if this is the same for you but it is the lower pulsating sound which tends to flares up (especially when stressed or ill), which then causes me to really notice my T. I can pretty much deal with the higher pitch noises. When I posted the other day, it was a particularly bad day, but listening now I can hear a high pitch ring, a medium-high hiss and a quiet low pulsating sound if I really try hard.

      Here is the bad thing, when it came to medical tests, I left it 10 years before going to an ENT. As I mentioned I couldn't really pinpoint the trigger, I know it was during my teens (around 14/15) that my right ear started to feel full so I think the T started at the same time. I was always under the impression that T was something I had to live with and that it must have been caused by listening to loud music too much. It was only when I read more into it a few years ago that I bothered to go the Dr. I wish I had gone earlier, but I don't really like the way the NHS deals with this type of disorder.

      I went to the ENT and they sent me for an MRI scan and they said they could see no damage to the ear. The Dr said they couldn't say what caused it but they thought it was probably the ear infection, I didn't know the possible link with TMJ at that time so didn't discuss that sadly. They then told me I just had to live with it and then I heard no more.

      A couple of years after this I discovered a link between TMJ and tinnitus when looking online (always tend to look during a flare up :)) and went to a private dentist. He was very helpful and sent me to see a specialist at a dental hospital. He said the TMJ and tinnitus could have been caused by the trauma too my face from the football or from wearing a brace during my teenage years. He was very critical of orthodontists handing out braces to teenagers during the 90s without good reason!

      Sadly, the dental hospital specialist couldn't have been any less helpful. Not only was she rude, she said there was nothing that could be done for the clicking jaw and that I had to live with it, she said it was no different to having a click in any other joint. She then offered me a brace to stop the clicking but then said it wouldn't work. I left completely baffled , angry and confused. I should have probably taken the brace anyway but I was not thinking quick enough.

      I must say, I am very disappointed in the quality of medical care from the NHS for seemingly non-life threatening conditions like T and TMJ. Is it dealt with in a similar way in other countries? Anyway, I have recently moved to Japan with my wife, she says the Dr's take all illnesses and inflictions seriously here as they get paid money by the government every time they treat someone. Plus it is all private here, I may as well try and get my moneys worth and see what treatments they can offer!

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