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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dale Danche, Jan 13, 2016.

    1. Dale Danche

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      Cousin laughed into my ear
      Ive had severe tinnitus and hyperacusis for 5 years now. Its very loud, I can hear it no matter where I am. Even in the shower. I have fullness in the ear and the volume of my tinnitus is affected by outside noises. Weather they are loud noises or just a certain pitch they make my tinnitus angry and it gets louder from anywhere from a couple hours to a month to a permanent flare up. It doesn't take much to make my tinnitus get permanently louder so I wear goofy hearing protection wherever I go and people look at me funny. "Hey ladies!"......no that doesn't work very well when you cant even stand a females laugh. After 5 years and non-stop permanent flare ups ive realized that I havent been happy in the past 5 years and i will never be happy again. My plan is to go when my best friend goes. That fluffy little bundle of love is the only thing keeping me from taking myself out. Other than that I just sit in my room and cry 24 hours a day. Nice to meet you!
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      Anxiety, Insomnia, and a Fan at Night
      @Dale Danche Have you seen an ENT? What did they say about the fullness in the ear? Is there fluid in there? Is it just the one ear? This stuff worked to reduce my hyperacusis that I had for a couple months. https://www.tinnitustalk.com/thread...i-cant-tell-what-but-it-does-something.12665/ . If you are desperate I'd give it a shot. Also have you looked into this kind of surgery? Do you have means to pursue something like this?
      Silverstein Hyperacusis Surgery Seminar 11/12/15
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    3. Bobby B

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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      What caused it at first ?
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      not sure
      Welcome Dale. It seems you have a strong element of hyperacusis in your suffering. Perhaps post your H condition in the Hyperacusis Forum too to get some support from others who have gotten better. If you are talking about offing yourself when your support system is not there, perhaps you need to see some psychiatrists or counselling people, and perhaps message @Danny Boy about how he gets better with the help of some meds. Not worth dying if something out there can potentially help you and there is nothing to lose when you are talking about 'do-or-die' situation.

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